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Ric Flair Returning to WWE Soon?

– There is a lot of talk going around the wrestling world that Ric Flair will be back with WWE in 2013, especially if the Network gets off the ground since a lot of his footage will be used and he’s very popular with the public.

Flair’s deal with TNA expires at the end of this year.

Flair did an interview for a Charlotte radio station earlier this week where he claimed his last wrestling match was the retirement match against Shawn Michaels. He also talked highly of Vince McMahon and The Rock.

Source: F4Wonline.com

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  • harold

    tna should let him go flair is a legend that a fact but tna rating have not when up soo wwe an have him and tna can do more with the you guys

  • brandon


  • Ron

    I was just thinking with the Batista return rumors also how bout a Evoultion II in 2013 with Flair, Batista ans two other young guys. at the very least he could manage Dolph or Mcintyre

  • roy

    A Great Idea the whole Evolution 2 part if u ask me.
    Batista could be the leader.
    Perhaps with the Spotlight on Me gimmick he had during his last few months

  • Wrestling-Geek

    I have no problem with Flair returning to wwe, only if its in a non-wrestling capacity

  • JamesBooth

    Yeah I’d love to see Ric back in the wwe, but not in a ring. The idea of a new faction with batista sounds interesting, actually I do hope batista comes back too !

  • Jbreed

    He’ll be about 90 years old by then. Just what we need another old veteran in the WWE to take air time away from the young guys.

  • Ric

    In a managerial/GM capacity, I think he would work to build some of the younger stars up. Ziggler or McIntyre could do worse than having him as a mentor. WWE should just make sure they don’t pull an AJ Styles/Flair relationship. That didn’t work at all.

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