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Ric Flair Speaks On Reid Comment From WWE Angle

WWE Hall of Fame
Ric Flair spoke to The Miami Herald about the RAW angle a few months back involving his daughter and late son.

“They said, ‘[Charlotte], do you mind if we do this?’ And she said, ‘No. I don’t mind at all,’” said Ric Flair. “It’s the business, and sometimes things that are really come across in a way that the people are mad about it, but if I’m not mad, and [Charlotte’s] not mad, and we’re the key players.”

Reid Flair sadly passed away in 2013 from a drug overdose.

To read the entire interview, which includes Flair’s thoughts on inducting Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame, please click here.

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  • Lisa

    Let it go, Ric. Let it go.

  • Errol

    What about Reid’s mum? Or does she not matter as she does not work in the business.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      great point.

    • Mike

      I totally agree, but if they approached Charlotte in advance, She really should of told her mum.

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