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Ric Flair Update, More on Barrett Getting Re-packaged, Mojo Rawley

– Ric Flair is back to taking bookings. After SummerSlam, WWE wanted Flair to get help and he canceled existing bookings, citing a reoccurring problem and hospitalization with blood clots in his legs. Flair told friends he was staying in Florida with his daughter, resting up and not traveling.

– It’s unlikely that Wade Barrett’s new gimmick will be the Badnews Barrett character we see on The JBL & Cole Show. Apparently it would be a big surprise if something they did on the YouTube show ever made it to TV. Still, there are plans to re-package Barrett just because the roster is lacking singles heel stars.

– Several people in WWE believe that former football player turned NXT star Mojo Rawley is the breakout star with the most potential right now.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • The_Fearless_Diva

    I don’t care what heel role Wade Barrett has as long as i get to see him on t.v. :).

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    “The roster is lacking in singles heel stars…” and yet they are turning Damien Sandow babyface.

    • Maddox

      Same fucking thing i was thinking

  • tt2000

    No! Bad News Barrett is a lot of fun, why wouldn’t they use that? Probably going to give him some lame over the to gimmick.

    • TheInstantClassic61

      Would rather him do comedy skits each week with the “Bad News Barrett” stuff, or do you want to see him succeed?

  • Lucas Amato

    Mojo Rawley the best from NXT and Developmental..?? mmm.. Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Kassius Ohno, Solomon Crowe, Kalisto, Buddy Murphy… Well, only time will tell..

    • TheInstantClassic61

      How nice of you to name all the indie guys…

  • YoungAngryMan

    He’s a dud. You internet people keep holding on all you like but he will be fired soon enough. I say he has about a year or two left.

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