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Ricardo Rodriguez Update, Ziggler Tweets Big E, Jericho Added to Event

– Chris Jericho, who will also be celebrating a birthday that day, has been announced for The Big Event on November 9th in Flushing, New York. Many other names will be appearing including Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page, Sid, Bruno Sammartino, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Joey Styles, Sunny, Matt Hardy, Maryse, Matt Striker and lots more.

– Dolph Ziggler tweeted his former bodyguard Big E Langston and commented on his new push:

“congrats @BigELangston in 1 week uve become a major player if u love something, set it free BRB off to my dungeon to untie someone”

– Ricardo Rodriguez says he’s going to the WWE Performance Center to learn how to wrestle. He tweeted on Monday:

“So I hear there is this Performance Center down in Orlando…. I think I’m going to start going there and learn how to wrestle.”

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  • Edynol

    Ooooh! Does this mean Ricardo is gonna shed some pounds and step back into the ring? I’ll be very happy if this happens. The dude is awesome and should have been pushed instead of Botchcara. By the way, has anyone seen Cin Cara lately?

    • Rotnerd

      he has already been doing house shows as El Local again

      • Edynol

        I know that. And he was on SD last week against Los Matadores. And while he still can put on a good show, if he loses just a little weight, he’ll be awesome again.

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