Ricardo Taunts Glenn Beck, WWE Names Best Actor & Actress, Big Daddy V

- Big Daddy V is currently in WWE’s Superstar Spotlight on their website.

- In honor of this weekend’s Academy Awards, WWE has named their Best Actress and Best Actor – AJ Lee and Paul Heyman.

- WWE has had Ricardo Rodriguez taunt Glenn Beck on Twitter, possibly in hopes of getting Beck to accept their invite to Monday’s RAW. Here are some of his tweets:

“Hey @GlennBeck let’s do a little debate on a show that people actually watch unlike yours!!! I’ll bring the Vicks in case you need to cry”

“It’s cool @GlennBeck ! I’ll go easy on you, I know how sensitive you are. “I’m already booked”?! Huevos! Yeah sure, buddy!”

“This is probably the most people have riled up for @glennbeck! You’re welcomed for being famous again burro ! #ignorance”

  • http://twitter.com/theoneandonlyDC DC

    Aha. Ricardo is awesome.

  • Jeff

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfHJjS_o0Co it’s trust what zeb and swagger said

  • Jordan Legacy

    Damn. They are really going after him. Lol. Good job Ricardo. It may not pull Beck towards coming on the show, but it is still funny as hell.

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