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Roadblock Results: Hunter Knocks Rust Off

In our main event, it’s Dean Ambrose getting in the ring to do battle with COO and Champion Triple H. The announce team was nice enough to point out that Hunter last wrestled a year ago, against Sting, at WM31. So, in other words, he might be rusty, and this is definitely a tune up for the champion.

And, out of the gates, this probably was not the match Hunter was expecting. Ambrose was on the gas right out of the opening bell, and had the champion reeling. But it was not long before the champion had turned the tide and gone on an offensive tear of his own.

Just when it looked like Hunter would close things out, Ambrose mounted a comeback, leading to putting Hunter first in a Figure Four and then shortly after, a Sharpshooter. He followed those with Dirty Deeds and what appeared to be the winning pin, but the official noticed that Ambrose had his feet under the ropes.

Hunter used the distraction to nearly roll up Ambrose, but Dean kicked out. Ambrose then flipped Hunter to the outside and met Hunter with a suicide dive, and more fun on the outside. But Dean gambled and missed on a high risk maneuver, which allowed Hunter to deliver a Pedigree for the win.

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    “Hunter used the distraction to nearly roll up Ambrose, but Dead kicked out.”

    Was Hunter wrestling a zombie?

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