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Rock Comments on Get Well Wishes, WWE Lists Top WWE Championship Matches

– As noted earlier, Kevin Nash and Steve Austin both sent get well messages to The Rock yesterday on Twitter. The Rock has since then responded to both former WWE Superstars.

To Steve Austin: “My fav redneck tough SOB –> RT: @steveaustinBSR: @TheRock Heard U finally had some guts put in. Get well soon my brother. #NoGutsNoGlory”

To Kevin Nash: “@RealKevinNash Thank U Big Kev! U know the drill.. we fall, we rise. See ya down the road my friend.”

– WWE published an article listing the 50 greatest WWE Championship matches of all time. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania XII on March 31, 1996) topped the list, followed by The Rock vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (WrestleMania X-Seven on April 1, 2001), Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant (WrestleMania III on March 29, 1987), John Cena vs. CM Punk (Money in the Bank on July 17, 2011) and the 1992 Royal Rumble Match.

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  • Rob

    Hogan vs Andre… really?

  • D.M.T

    I don’t mean to offend Andre but he’s overrated just like Hulk Hogan.

    Do you mean to tell me that WWE considers Hogan vs Andre better than Cena vs Punk? REALLY WWE?

    • Thatoneperson

      Well well well, for once I agree. Andre is over rated, at least in my opinion. He was only popular because of his size.

  • C.M. Andre the Punk

    I am a Mark for Andre since childhood, but I also know he wrestled too long and people remember him as a slow lumbering big man who was hard to understand (Re: Great Khali).

    Oh, but if you could have seen him younger…the charisma, the kindness, I saw him in a cage match vs Kamala (I think) and to finish the match he climbed the top rope and came down with a top rope splash to finish him.

    Everyone has their opinions, their favorites and their personal stories (my Mom and I were able to spend some special time with Him & Bobby Backlund when we were stranded after a house show in Weirton, WV once. They refused to leave us until my Dad finally got there).

    I just wanted you guys to know that I enjoyed almost all of those championship matches, but lists are subjective via the author. As a lifelong fan, I wanted people to know there was Andre the Giant the freak attraction & there was Andre the Giant who found his real love in life…wrestling.

    And as a wrestler there was a time you wouldn’t believe it was him. Did that love keep him going longer than he should have and tarnish some of his legacy? Sure, I see that side…I also see yours.

    Hope everyone has a great day,

  • The Truth

    While The Rocks run in the WWE today wasn’t all that hot he is a HOF. Whether you like him or hate him he’ll go down as the greatest wrestler or “sports entertainer” that stepped foot in the ring. He was the only guy in the WWF/E to come close to Austin’s level of popularity and there’s no denying that

    • UMpunkBLN

      “greatest sports entertainer”- I would say yes but his last run ruined a lot for me “greatest wrestler” – can you even say something like that

    • Chelsii?

      Austin is GOAT.

    • D.M.T

      The Rock already surpassed Austin’s popularity ages ago

      • Sting’s Dad

        Matter of factly, Steve Austin is the biggest draw in wrestling history, even surpassing Hulk Hogan. His PPV buy-rates and merchandising sales don’t lie.

        This is fact, not opinion. The Rock did not come close to surpassing Austin, regardless of how great Rock was during the Attitude Era.

        Sure, The Rock may be a huge movie star today whilst Austin stars in B-Movies. But when it comes to wrestling, Austin is the most commercially (and critically) accomplished wrestler to date.

    • oSleepDeprivedo

      Pretty sure Shawn Micheals is the greatest “sports entertainer.” My opinion though. Rock is easily up there though. I’d rank Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, and even Chris Benoit as overall better wrestlers though.

      • Hasnan

        I love how close minded some people are regarding The Rock. Before he returned everyone was all “Rock and Stone Cold should return” and all but once he returns, everybody turns against him and even claim he is one of the worst ever and on the same line as Cena. To think these same people campaign for Trish, Lita, Stone Cold, Billy Gunn, Kurt Angle amongst others to return. No part time wrestlers will do full schedule, they’ve already paid their dues and they only return to say one last bye or to put over somebody. Don’t expect them to do the same as the full timers do.

        • oSleepDeprivedo

          If you mean me, I’m not that close-minded. The Rock is still great, I just prefer other wrestlers. He doesn’t have the aura that he once had, but he’s still damn good. I would love to see Trish return one day though for a match against Beth Phoenix and/or Kharma, but the actuality of that happening is slim. I’m fine with people working part time too, but I honestly feel Jericho does that role the best. It’s nice to see him put others over, like Ziggler.

      • Thatoneperson

        No love for Chris Jericho? One of the greatest of all time in my opinion.

        • oSleepDeprivedo

          Touche! I should’ve put Jericho in that list, as well as the late, great Eddie Guerrero, who is my all time favorite wrestler.

  • Hasnan

    Am I the only one who thinks the match at MITB was not special? I mean it was good story wise, but the wrestling itself was not anything desirable to me. Not trying to be negative, but I wouldn’t say it is one of the best matches.

  • Rg41982

    I agree with the wwe article rock vs Austin at mania 17 is truly my favorite wwe champ match. I also think the one they had at 15 was great. 2 great wrestlers and entertainers.

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