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Rock Has A Message For Punk, Cena Added To SmackDown Event, More

– The Rock posted the following message towards WWE Champion CM Punk on Twitter.

“C.M. Punk, just making sure you’re eating all your veggies. We need you healthy when I find you. #UGettinAJollyGreenAssKickin.”

– Matt Hardy defeated Kevin Matthews to win the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Heavyweight Championship at PWS’ event in Rahway, NJ last night.

– John Cena has been added to the Smackdown TV taping on November 20 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. WWE is not listing Cena on their official listing, but MLive reported that Cena has been added to local advertising.

“His name on the playbill is now the headline over all others in attendance which includes Randy Orton, Sheamus, and The Big Show. Cody Rhodes, Kane, and Antonio Cesaro are others appearing at the show starting at 7:00 p.m.”

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  • Lisa

    CM Punk is no match for the Brahma Bull. Whether in a wrestling match or in a real fight, Rock would whoop Punk’s skinny ass within seconds.

  • michelle

    The Rock can beat CM Punk like he beat John Cena at WM28 in Miami this year

  • Chelsii.

    Lisa, Punk has decent level of martial arts experience… on top of being friends and training with a few of guys. So no, Rock wouldn’t woop him in a real fight you idiot.

  • Opie

    Battle of The Girls lol Lisa vs Michelle vs Chelsii = Chelsii Wins!!!

  • Lisa

    Hahahahahaha, Chelsii, have you gone mad? You really think that that feeble-looking rag CM Punk would stand a chance in a real fight with The Rock? Who gives a fuck if he has “some” martial arts experience? That won’t be of any help to someone who looks like he’s malnutritioned. A single punch from The Rock would knock that asshole down cold, instantly.

  • Lisa, if you’re suggesting The Great One could beat up someone because they’re ‘skinny’ – I suggest you take some sort of fountain of knowledge lesson. No doubt Rock is bigger and stronger than Punk, but Punk isn’t skinny (220lbs isn’t skinny by a long shot – Rock was this size 10 years ago). Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris (In his prime) was smaller than Punk; I assume you’d think the Rock could beat them too?

    I think I speak for the vast majority of people who use this website when I say; Be quiet.

  • Chelsii.

    A single punch from me would knock you down cold, instantly too.

    Some experience is better than none and is more likely to kick the other person’s ass. Silly bitch. ugonemad?

  • Lisa

    CultOfHumanity, Rock has never at any point been as skinny as that asshole Punk. 10 years ago Rock was still a big muscular dude. He was billed at 275 lbs at the time. Nowadays he’s billed at 265. Bruce Lee may have been tiny but he was a uniquely gifted fighter and master. I don’t think anyone would beat him to be honest. As for Punk, I don’t even think he would beat my 15-year-old brother.

  • Chelsii.

    If you actually used that ‘brain’ of yours, you’d go and watch Dwayne 10-15 years ago… today he’s as big as Brock Lesnar. Back then, he was barely bigger than Punk you fucking tool.

  • Lisa

    Chelsii, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really think that Rock was as skinny as Punk 10-15 years ago? You definitely do need some contact lenses. Rock definitely wasn’t as jacked up as he is today but he was almost as big as Cena is today. Look for clips on Youtube of Rock and Hogan in the ring from 2002 and compare their sizes. Not much difference. How about comparing between Rock and Austin from 1999-2002? Rock always looks bigger than Austin. Austin, by the way, is no small man. Throughout his WWE career he was billed at 252 lbs. You know what, I can’t even believe we are having this discussion. Punk is a cruiserweight for fuck’s sake. He is so thin. He looks like he hasn’t eaten in months. Rock, on the other hand has never, ever even been close to being considered a cruiserweight at any point. As I have already pointed out, Rock was billed at 275 lbs from 1998-2002.

  • Chelsii.

    I still don’t understand what point you’re trying to make, do you have a problem with people who are thin/slim? You obviously must be 400lbs yourself. You don’t have to be an unnatural roid head to be successful in this business seeing how today’s generation of wrestlers are the best when it comes to actual wrestling ability since the early 90’s.

  • Lisa

    That’s not the point. I’m 110 lbs myself. Then again, I am a girl and a model for that matter. I do expect man in the grapling biz to be much bigger than that. I just don’t like CM Punk. Damn I hate that asshole. And believe me, it isn’t because he is as thin as a razor blade. There are other reasons, which I don’t have time to elaborate on at this time.

  • Lisa

    Im sorry your right Im wrong

  • Chelsii.

    Oh, you’re a model? That would explain why you’re such a thick shit. I don’t know any model with an IQ higher than 10. Thin as a razor blade? Already stated above, 220lbs isn’t thin by any mile. Considering the best actual wrestlers in the NCAA are usually around 150-200lbs. Please explain to me how your logic works.

  • SdotC

    LOL @ Lisa claiming to be 110lbs and a model! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlLLLLLLL!

  • Landmine

    In my opinion CM Punk The Rock and John Cena are equally as good all Three are current/former multiple time WWE Champions, WWE Tag Team Champions, Both Punk and Cena are former World Heavyweight Champions and Punk and Rock Are former IC Champions but also remember none of them have had taken on the Undertaker at or went undefeated at Wrestlemania so they are all equal

  • Lisa

    Oh! So you are gonna insult my profession now. Your claim of not having met a model with an IQ above 10 is ridiculous. It makes you look silly, actually. Back to Punk. Whether you like it or not, he is a small man. WWE isn’t NCAA. If Punk were a swimmer, he wouldn’t be classified as small. But pro wrestling is a profession dominated by big, muscular men (and rightly so). Picture this. What comes through your mind when Rey Mysterio cleanly pins Big Show in the middle of the ring? I won’t explain any further. And if your IQ is above 10 (as you believe), you wouldn’t need me to elaborate further. I’m done.

  • Chelsii.

    1. Standing around doing a silly pose having a picture taken isn’t a profession.

    2. So you’d rather watch big meat heads who can’t even move properly or have any real wrestling skills? Rey Mysterio and other people like him deserve any and all cleans wins over anybody after what he’s done for the business.

    3. You’re a fucktard as your elaborations would contribute more to your fucktardedness.

  • Chelsii.

    + Whether you like it or not, CM Punk isn’t a small guy. He’s at least 6’1 and just over average weight for a Human male.

  • Real Deal


    If you were a ‘model’, you wouldn’t be on a pro wrestling dirtsheet website being a blatant troll. You’d have better things to do with your time. Get a fucking life outside of the internet, start stating your imbecilic opinions in a venue where you actually have to stand behind what you say, as opposed to hiding behind a computer monitor like a fucking coward.

  • Mr. Durp

    Off-topic comment walking by


  • RCmaster305

    *looks at chelsi and lisa fighting* *grabs popcorn* THIS SHIT GONA BE GOOD

  • dbol

    right this has been entertaining but thought i would add a few points to this.

    1. I am a big fan of Punk but I think the rock could kick his ass in a real fight, but this is wrestling . .

    2. Punk is a big guy, just not as well built as people like cena who train to lift heavy sets

    3. The rock has never been skinny but he was very toned and had a lot less bulk from 2002 to recent years

    4. Lisa aint a 110lb model, try a male 42 year old virgin john cena fan

  • The Rock

    lmao at Chelsii comparing CM Junk to Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Chelsii, any asshole in this world can have a martial arts training. Hell Eve Torres is into martial arts but that does not mean she can kick ass like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. And Punk’s far far away from the swift movements any martial arts master possesses.

  • WillC

    Already knowing I am probably wasting my time, let me say this anyway. Do I believe they will probably send Rock over Punk at RR? I want to say no even though I have my own Fan reason for hoping not, but I am not Vince/Creative and will not predict a prearranged match. I can only hope it will be entertaining.

    For your 2nd point? About real life fighting? As others have alluded to, Rock is large & powerful…if he catches anyone flush they are probably down.

    But my level of knowledge goes 1 level deeper. While in Boulder, CO I trained under Sensei Michael Browne in American Kempo Karate (same as Punk). My Sensei was a BIG man (6’3 & 275) but taught me eventually that I could use that to my advantage as he was a larger target, he taught us that noone is “unbeatable” it all depends on knowledge, technique & discipline.

    In Judo I have seen Master Bean (6’1 & 355) be thrown/taken down by 95lb Karen while all of us “Manly Men” in the class felt as if we were trying to move a mountain.

    Now Punk’s Jiu Jitsu? I can’t speak personally to that other that what I watch on TV. But my Sensei told us once that if a fight does not end on the feet within 20-30 seconds, it will almost always go to the ground…right where a Jiu Jitsu practioner wants it to.

    I have learned NEVER to underestimate other people especially in a fight situation. I do not know what training the Rock has other than Pro-Wrestling, but I DO know some of the type of training Punk has…and even then, I myself would never be foolish enough to predict a real fight.

    If you are just a Troll then perhaps I have wasted some of my time trying to interject facts to a BOLD statement about a real life encounter. If you just pretend to troll but are not emotionally invested in it, then perhaps I have passed on some knowledge.

    Either way…Your Welcome :-)

  • Jack

    How about the Crock pries his Hollywood movie star ass from behind his computer, stops tweeting long distance like an Internet troll, like lisa, and step into the ring to do something other than some lame promo? This is what he did last year leading up to Wrestlemania against Cena too. The he staggered & wheezed around the ring like an out-of-shape old man. Hey Crock remember when you used to say “Don’t sing it, bring it!”? Now you tweet at active wrestlers like a common Internet troll. PATHETIC! If you want to be WWE hvywgt. champ again get your ass backin the ring. If all you can do is tweet like a smack-talking bitch from a movie set shut the fuck up! You’re boring to listen to!

  • Heisenberg

    Marketing wise, it’s not good to see Punk winning against The Rock. If The Rock is working full time in wwe, It would be a toss up. Now I’ve got a lot of respect to CM Punk after watching his new DVD Best in the World. I encourage to all CM Punk haters to watch.

  • John

    I’ve been just reading comments laughing my ass off but forreal i dont hate john cena i hate him never losing clean or losing at all (besides wrestlemania) hes a good draw & not a horrible wrestler but hes pretty ok .. cm punk has taking falls all his career & now he’s shining in the spotlight hes extremely talented in the ring & on the mic & from the other article daniel bryan gets huge pops at live shows almost bigger then anyone especially before wrestlemania first couple months YES YES YES is all you would hear all night & is sorta the case now hes a great talker & amazing technician

    & i honestly dont think they can do just cena vs rock at wrestlemania bc
    1.) lets say rock beats punk punk gets a rematch (
    2.) cena beats rock pretty sure they wont do cena rock 3
    this is how i see it & THIS COULD BE GREAT not to out of proportion
    cena – punk at tlc rock comes down rock bottms cena explaining he needed to face punk at royal rumble he had unfinished biz
    at royal rumble cena FU’s the rock punk retains
    BAM triple threat

  • rob

    I’m sick of having to search through all of these bullshit comments by lisa to find an actual discussion of wrestling.

    Lisa do us all a favor and fucking go find another site or just fucking go play in traffic you worthless fucking pile of cunt juice.

  • 889

    Lisa is the cancer of this site…dont reply to that cunt and ignore her trolling atempts 1/10 made me reply

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