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The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, CM Punk & Mick Foley Remember Muhammad Ali

The entire country is remembering former boxing champion Muhammad Ali, who passed away late Friday. Some of the biggest names in wrestling took to social media to pay their respects to “The Greatest.”

I was in the air last night flying from Atlanta to London when I got the text from a close friend that within’ a few hours we were going to lose Muhammad. Ali inspired myself and generations around the world to be hungry to achieve, work as hard as you possibly can, to be a great as you possibly can be and make sure that not a day goes by where you don’t do your absolute best to make the world smile and feel good. Feel inspired. And feel that no matter how hard times may be, there’s always hope for tomorrow. From hanging out with you in New Zealand as this little punk kid, to years later as a WWE rookie when you whispered to me “Can you rumble?” to a few years later when you bestowed upon me “The People’s Champ” moniker. I will always be grateful for the impact you’ve had on me. Thank you and I’ll miss you. Much love and strength to the Ali family. Rest in love and light Champ. You’ll always be the Greatest of All Time. And pretty. ???

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  • jcice13

    I have a great Ali story, well at least great to best friend’s parents lived in cherry hill new jersey and for a whileMuhammad Ali lived like 2 blocks from their house.we used to ride bikes and every once in a while we’d stop by their house.and of course every time we’d leave we’d tool by Ali’s house.well one day he was outside watering the lawn and some plants and we stopped outside his property on the street and yelled out to him hey champ and you’re the greatest etc and he waved us in…we sat on his porch drinking lemonade and he was entertaining us with stories when my friend told him I did a spot on Cosell and Ali impression so he asked me to do it and I an old interview where Cosell called him truculent…don’t know if you recall that one but Ali’s reply was well if truculent is good then I’m truculent..well Ali was laughing his ass off then I got up and did some shuffle for him and called him out in his style he got up and the man was pretty damn big now I’m almost 6’7″ and was taller than him but he was wide and his hands were huge I put my hands out and he shadow boxed them and I probably only saw like 6 out of the 10 he threw…lol.we asked if he wanted to take one of the bikes for a ride but said he was scared lol.we were there for like a half hour, he was genuinely a sweet nice man and loved to laugh..this was a good 45 years ago but we remember it like it was yesterday…..I am very depressed and saddened by his passing but with his health failing for so long it was just a matter of time before we lost him

    • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      ? Awesome story I wish I met him…LONG LIVE THE GOAT

      • jcice13

        there were a few others things at that meeting and a couple of other stories involving that cherry hill area but I ran out of gas. here’s a quick one. my friend’s mom was close to Ali’s next door neighbor, ABC was doing one of their did world of sports segments at the house and Cosell was there.they had the trucks and cameras etc all around and the neighbor was looking from her property I can not state with 100% truth but here’s what she told my friend’s mom…she was standing there watching all the activity and all of a sudden Cosell walked over to the property line during a break… his style he put a dead mic up to her and asked..” we’re talking to Ali’s neighbor, a lady of some substance here in the high class area of this burb, madam madam, you’re living next door to a living legend a man who’s traveled the world a world champion athlete BUT WE DON”‘T want to know about that what we want to know is what does it feel like to live next door to a negro???”.of course Cosell was being Cosell and teasing her but she said she was so embarrassed she scurried back to her house….we told my friend’s mom that Cosell was just kidding around and that he had zero hateful bones in his body and it was a joke because he and Ali were the closest of comrades in arms.but we laughed our a–es off

        • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


    • Z….

      thanks for sharing this story

      • jcice13

        hey no problem just was lucky to be there and glad you enjoyed it, it was just an awesome time with the GOAT

  • Roger

    Had to open 3 separate tabs on my phone to get to this page. Wtf. Also CM Punk is nowhere mentioned in this article

    • josh

      They are in cahoots with WWE to make sure he never existed.

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