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Roddy Piper & Chavo Guerrero Sr. Comment on Kevin Nash’s Statement

– Roddy Piper addressed Kevin Nash’s comments about the wrestling industry “dying” at WrestleMania 20 when Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero ended the show as WWE’s top champions.

“I love all the real deal boys in biz. Fact, I’m one of the smallest. Fact I out drew almost everyone. Fact,Without ALL the boys, I’m nothing.”

– Chavo Guerrero Sr. also had some comments to share about Kevin Nash as well.

“nash remain a f— moron idiot just because he was a freak and bigger than normal people he stll has no clue wt a wrestler .. entertainer or worker is my grandson that i am training noe cld have abetter match than him, idiot i can take his fat ass down now .. cant do a promo and if u saw his last promo in wwe with punk punk punked him he had no clue wt a waste of body maybe .. maybe his a syncronized wrestler diesel my ass”

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  • Chelsii.

    Yeah Nash you clickity clackity with some more clickity old piece of shit. Should’ve watched your mouth.

  • Wuge

    Roddy Piper is right and C G Sr sounds weird as always in his internet writings.. 😀

  • xxXMASKXxx

    “…you clickity clackity with some more clickity old piece of shit”


    ..could be the drinks tho..

    ..and even if he is a prick most of the time, Nash knows the game and how to keep his name out there. Ppl eat up his bullshit everytime he says some offbrand shit like this. A broke man is a forgotten man and i’ll be dammmed if he ain’t a student of that philosophy.

    Still a dickhead statement tho…

  • TonyT

    MUCH respect for the Hot Rod.

    Without ALL the boys….NOBODY is ANYTHING!

    RP knows it takes everyone behind the curtains in order to make ‘Superstars’.

    Well said Roddy! Tell it like it is! :-)

  • Fritz

    And thats why Piper was champ and Nash never was……oh wait.

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