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ROH Stars to TNA?, Recent TNA Attendance, Tonight’s Impact, EC3

– TNA posted this video of Ethan Carter III in the gym:

– Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling will feature Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries in a submissions match for the World Heavyweight Title tournament. Also on tonight’s show, Dixie Carter will spin the Wheel of Dixie to determine stipulations for Turning Point on November 21st plus someone will answer Gail Kim’s open challenge.

– The TNA live event on November 8th in Canton, Ohio drew 900 fans while the November 9th show in Toledo drew 600 fans,

– TNA has expressed interest recently in signing Ring of Honor stars Davey Richards, Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards since they are open to bringing in new faces and Dave Lagana worked with all of them when he was doing ROH creative.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • [B]ANExx

    TNA needs all three of these guys – specifically Davy Richards, the best wrestler anywhere in the world under 30 imo (I think he is still under 30? cba to Google it…) he is certainly not ‘old’.

    Might even make start watching again! No more Hulk + Davy Richards = #Win

    • Bloop

      March 1st of this year was his 30th birthday.

      • [B]ANExx

        Thank you for doing the legwork for me – thirty is the new twenty as has been said a few times, he is still ‘young’ for a wrestler, and I think he has HUGE potential for the next 5 – 10 years, IF someone capitalises on him!!

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    I’m only 70 kilo’s and I was doing 90 kilo deadlift reps as a rehab exercise for my reconstructed shoulder, I could probably push about 120kgs – 130kgs (264lbs – 286lbs) if I really wanted too. Still it’s impressive doing 600lbs (270kgs) deadlift.

  • Sieg

    These guys could be great but if they come in I really hope TNA can sort out their stories and booking. Could be fun to have Beer Money back together to feud with these guys and that feud could be used to start bringing more tag teams back. Maybe have Bad Influence involved, possibly with a returning tag team if TNA can bring one in. Roderick could be a fun guy with a steady push into the Main Event. Imagine they gave him the “Joe” treatment where he’s on an absolute tear and beating top guys, starts to get arrogant proclaiming he’s the best only to end up in a feud with Angle leading into Bound For Glory? Would be even better if Angle had been written off TV till that point where makes his return. A main event focused around him, AJ, Joe, Aries, Ray, Magnus and Angle could do great things for all involved.

  • Dwayne Powell

    it would be a good look

  • Z….

    Would love to have all 3 of them and bring back Jay Lethal, while also using Kenny King more…things are turning around pretty quickly since Hogan and Bischoff have been gone. The question is going to be whether its too little too late

  • Scott Bromley

    Richards or strong vs Daniels……………………… YES PLEASE

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