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Did Roman Reigns Blade On WWE RAW?

There is footage of Byron Saxton handing something to Roman Reigns on Monday’s episode of RAW right before Triple H smashed Reigns’ face into the announce table several times. Once Triple H stopped, Reigns was bleeding from his nose.

There is online speculation that Saxton gave Reigns a blood capsule or a blade.

It should be noted that when WWE went PG in 2008, a no blood policy was put it in place. WWE also looks down on their talent blading and have fined talents that have done so in the past. It appears that it was a blood capsule since WWE officials told Saxton to give it Reigns. 


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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Lmfao fire Byron he was caught


      Yes please,and to send a message take Cole with him,this behaviour will not be tolerated. ….right Vince?? RIIGGHHTT????

      • Edynol

        *Vince drops the F-bomb* To hell with it! Let the F*ckers bloody themselves up damn it!


          I can picture Vince being the type of guy that gets waaaay too intense and when somebody blades or bleeds he pulls out a knife and says,” you wanna bleed?! Ill make you bleed!!”

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

      Hey Byron did something worthy, I think lol….

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