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Roman Reigns Talks About Being Attacked By Triple H On RAW

As seen on WWE RAW this week, Triple H attacked Roman Reigns during his match with Sheamus in the main event. Triple H smashed Reigns’ face into the announce table several times. Once Triple H stopped, Reigns was bleeding from his nose.

Reigns posted the following on Twitter:

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I make people quit 2k online ?

    • It Begins kid


  • The Shockmaster

    Sorry WWE, you can smash Roman’s head into the table as much as you like, but we still don’t care about him. #boo


      Keep smashing his head though,we do like that!

    • Fat Owens Fat

      You didn’t care yet you enjoyed the beating enough to post this? Lol. That’s like saying you didn’t eat the cake but you damn sure enjoyed the taste of it.
      What is up with you Indy smarks these days? Logic seems to be defying you all the time.

      • FacePuncher

        lol ‘You don’t like who WWE tells you to like, like I do. You must be a dumb indy smark lol’

        • Fat Owens Fat

          Funny, because the WWE has FOREVER been telling you who to like and who not to. Yep, you’re just another dumb indy smark. Thank you for the confirmation :)

      • The Shockmaster

        It was a great RAW and I especially enjoyed Roman’s beating. What I’m saying is that WWE are trying to get fans to sympathize for Roman due to the beating, however it’s backfired and the fans don’t care about him.

    • Mizanur Mowla

      Agree! Romain completely sucks. At fast lane despite his performance was extremely terrible still they let him win the the no1 contender match for WM. Romain has 0 talent

  • Mean Dean

    Jesus , atleast Cena talks about never giving up when that happens to him, reigns pouts and cries about it #crymeariver

    • Fat Owens Fat

      For an ISIS Sympathizer, you senor Mean Dean aka “MEBOLA CEREAL” sure aren’t smart. What sort of a moron uses hashtags on a service that doesn’t use hashtags?

      Also, its cute that a self proclaimed critic like you didn’t notice that the blood was all work and not a legit injury. I guess you Indy smarks are dumb afterall :)

      • Mean Dean

        Looks like I have a stalker lol, but yes I’m aware of the fake blood etc. , I was just pointing out, what a cry baby they’re making reigns to be, and the hashtags are there just to promote its use in social media… But it’s obvious that you don’t know how to sell or promote jack

        • Fat Owens Fat

          “and the hashtags are there just to promote its use in social media”
          Hashtags on instagram/facebook/twitter like services are clickable and hence they can be followed, hashtags on Discus aren’t and therefore they serve no purpose in the comment section because you cannot follow the tag. Its okay to be an idiot, just make some effort to cover it up will you?

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