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Royal Rumble Announce Team. Canvas 2 Canvas Of Brock Lesnar

– Tonight’s Royal Rumble will be covered by Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton. The kickoff show will see Jerry Lawler make a rare appearance. Joining him will likely be Renee Young, Corey Graves and another name (possibly Booker T).

– Rob Schamberger is back with another Canvas 2 Canvas. This week, Schamberger creates art using Brock Lesnar’s image.

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  • Bonkerz

    I guess we will have to wait until next year to hear Mauro call the rumble :,(

    • It Begins kid

      They Should’ved replaced Saxton with Mauro.

      • Bonkerz

        Its funny how he makes the rest of the announce team obsolete. He reminds me of Joey Styles in that regard. Once Mauro takes up the headset, its just enthusiasm backed by fact, and he calls the actual moves (see the similarities to Joey…). But best of all, he further’s the wrestler because he sells their character so well – something that vintage Michael Cole could never replicate. Saxton ads nothing to the dynamic, JBL has lost enthusiasm and has become a passive heel announcer, and Cole just feels so robotic.

        • Bonkerz

          Oh, also, Lawler has lost relevance…and lets face it – he was better as a high-pitched heel announcer – but only when he was backed by someone with the strength of Jim Ross.

          With all that I’ve said, its obvious that the best dynamic for an announce team is a young, relevant and enthusiastic heel commentator (who doesn’t degrade the face characters to the extent of burying them – looking at Cole again) and a strong, face commentator who is able to direct the conversation while furthering the wrestler’s characters. Its also helpful if one of them is a former wrestler because he can tap into the psyche of a wrestler and provide more insightful commentary as a result.

          • Scott

            Corey Graves

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