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Rumor Killer On Daniel Bryan Being Released By WWE

This past weekend there was a rumor making the rounds regarding Daniel Bryan’s status with WWE. The rumor was that Daniel Bryan was getting released from WWE sometime this week and that an official statement from the company had already been drafted.

WWE issued the following statement on the rumor:

“There is no truth to this letter from a supposed WWE employee.”

Bryan is training as if he is going to wrestle again but it’s all up to WWE doctors to clear him if they feel that he is healthy enough to wrestle again.


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  • Lisa

    Just release him. He’s dead wood.

    • jeff

      Just like your husband/boyfriend is after seeing you naked.

      • Lisa

        That’s pretty funny. Now laugh for yourself.
        And by the way, I bet you can’t get it up. Poor you.

        • jeff

          Hey Honey nobody could get it up for you. I don’t have any problems but I’m uncomfortable with you thinking of my junk.

          • Lisa

            I don’t really need to talk about your junk. It’s as tiny as your smallest finger and dysfunctional.
            And just so you know, the sight of me makes any normal man’s tool rise and give me a standing ovation. Your dysfunctional, tiny pendulum would probably rise so fast and so hard that it would tear your smelly underwear to shreds.

          • jeff

            Aaaawww Sweetie, we know the only time a man gives you a standing ovation is when you shut up. I’m not the most well hung guy out there but far from the tiny things you’re used to. I’m sure the very sight of you would make any guy shutter. However as my gradfather used to say “any port in the storm”. So I’m sure even your dried up grisly, hairy, cheese oozing women parts would do for some poor guy. So Lisa, with that being said, have a nice day.

          • Lisa

            Now put your tiny pendulum in your big mouth and shut up!

          • jeff

            Good comeback sweetie. You’ve been taken to school again. You’re dismissed.

          • El Marichachi

            And the most delusional award goes to…..

    • Mean Dean

      Shut up Russo

  • jeff

    This is a big work going on. He’ll be in the Rumble and will be one of the last 4 in the ring.

    • josh

      i still think they are waiting til after Mania to let him wrestle again. They are afraid he would take attention away from Roman again.

    • Damian Starr

      Nah last 4 is Reigns, Lesnar, Shemus and either ADR or HHH (more likely now that ADR is us champ again)

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