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Rumor Killer On John Cena Having Heat With WWE, More On Michelle McCool Being At The HIAC PPV

– For those who are wondering, John Cena does not have any heat with WWE officials for taking time off from the company. As noted, Cena will be taking time off until mid-December.

– As noted, The Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool and former WWE Diva, Candice Michelle, were at ringside at last night’s Hell in a Cell PPV. McCool posted the following on Instagram:

So much fun with this gem @candice_ehrlich

A photo posted by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

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  • Michael King

    I’ll drill them

  • Edynol

    Cena having heat with WWE? Who ever believed this rumor in the first place? Plus, it’s a smart move. WWE has to know a lot of people are tired of seeing Cena, I’m not one of them, but I do understand. Also, as much of a workhorse he is and as popular as he is, if his body is starting to wear out a little, some time off to rest is good for both him and WWE. Better to have a few months without him now than for him to get seriously injured and be without him for a long time or forever.

    It also gives both Cena and the fans some times to recharge so fans don’t start despising him eventually. And after people start to miss him or not hate on him so much, they should bring him back against a heel that people hate. Like when he went against Rusev, he was getting a lot more cheers then. And though I know it’s not likely to happen, maybe they could have him step away from Make a Wish and slowly turn him heel.

  • robvanriot

    Thought Michelle had shaved her head for a second then

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Knew i saw Candice stand up when Flair’s daughter went off the rails into the crowd and charged back at Nikki.


    I bet there’s a huge party backstage within the midcarders, they won’t be forced to make lame cena look good anytime soon

    • Starman

      No more Cena burial tour!

    • Mike

      Yeah big party they won’t get any more chances to have a fantastic match with the top star for the U.S. title. They must be so happy they dont have that time to shine

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