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The Latest On Rusev Possibly Suffering An Injury

WWE Main Event
Update: is reporting that the word going around backstage was that he suffered a torn bicep, but that’s not confirmed.

Original: Rusev may have been injured during his match with Neville on Tuesday night while working the Main Event TV tapings in Phoenix.

According to our correspondent, it looked like his shoulder popped out of place. The match came to a halt after the trainer check on Rusev and told the referee the match was off. The referee then called for the bell.

Post-match, Rusev was seen upset and chased off the trainer, who check on him, as well as the referee.

As of this writing, we cannot confirm if Rusev has suffered an injury, but we are currently working on it. Stay tuned.

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  • A J

    Not professional at all. The man was doing his job.

    • Edynol

      Rusev is a pro wrestler, not a business man. That he didn’t hit the guy is pretty professional. No one likes to have a match stopped when they think they can continue. Daniel Brian, HHH, Ryback, and many others have done the same thing. When you’re in a match and your adrenaline is pumping, it is not easy to keep a lid on your emotions. You have to force yourself to focus and some people can, some people can’t. Same happens in boxing, football, and just about any other sport.

      I’m sure that afterwards, Rusev understood and apologized to the man. He’s only human. We’re not perfect.

      • A J

        Totally understandable. I just feel bad for the people trying to keep them safe. The guy honestly looked scared. And honestly, I would’ve been. Rusev charged at him.

        • Edynol

          Oh I don’t doubt that. lol. But for the money they’re probably making, I wouldn’t mind taking a few punches. XD Doctors and Physicians make good money as it is, couple that with a working for a major organization with a potentially hazardous work environment and I bet they’re pretty damn comfortable when they retire after 5 years. lol.

    • DexDude

      To be honest I think Rusev was just trying to act in character. I know he likely got hurt and the match was not planned to end like that, but he was probably thinking that’s how his character would react.

  • Archie

    Russev CRUSHED!

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