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Ryback Announces He Is Leaving The WWE

Ryback has officially announced via Instagram that he is leaving the WWE. He wished the company luck in their future endeavors and thanked all the other performers whom he’d had the pleasure of working with.

He then said that on August 8th, he will be launching his website FeedMeMore.com, which will be the outlet for his “Feed Me More” line of clothing and his premium line of sport’s steroi… supplements… supplements. And his “Wake Up It’s Feeding Time” motivational book will be on there as well. All of these things¬†are “coming soon”, however. So clearly he’s had this all planned for a while and isn’t just clamoring after being turfed out of a job…

He also stated that he will still be working a full schedule but followed by saying if anyone wanted to book him they could do so at BookTheBigGuy@yahoo.com. So, nothing set in stone just yet.

Ryback’s “Feed me more, wake up it’s feeding time” routine was perhaps a little childish for this new era of WWE, and he has also been known to be a little rough in the ring. Which is scary prospect on the face of it. Just look at the guy. But there has been no official line on why Ryback and WWE have parted ways.

And honestly, all jokes aside, he seems like a good guy. And his closing sentiments in the video were kind of nice when he said:

“All successful people are hungry… What are you?”

And this reporter nearly did a spit take all over his computer screen when Ryback went balls out¬†saying “Feed Me More” while alone in his car. Somebody book this guy for God’s sake! He’s a laugh riot. Oh Africa, Brave Africa.

Watch the video here:

FeedMeMore.com Monday, August 8th #ThankYou #FeedMeMore #DashCam

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