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Ryback Discusses His Reasons For Leaving The WWE

Former WWE star Ryback took some time on his brand new podcast, “Conversation With The Big Guy”, to expound his reasons for leaving the WWE.

“It’s not about a money issue,” He said, “Just so everybody knows, the contract that I walked away from was a three year $1.5 million contract. Me and Hunter (Triple H) had many conversations last year and they were quite heated at times. I would tell him ‘It’s not about the money’ and he goes ‘It sounds like it’s completely about the money’. And he finally understood when we were done our last talk that it was about creative and about limiting me as a brand. Because I am responsible for my brand, the Ryback brand, the Feed Me More brand.”

He went on, “And when I’m told I have to go out there and lose in two minutes or not have any build-up for a pay-per-view match which happened time and time again; when I’m not given opportunities to do promos and be myself; that’s what truly bothers me. When I’m not allowed to sell merchandise or when they tell me my merchandise is over on a ship for three years waiting to come over and I can get it done in two weeks on my own. It’s little things like that that I wanted a commitment on.”

Ryback talked about the WWE skirting travel expenses while on the road.

“If all of these other independent promotions can cover your hotel and rental car,” He said, “Well, (WWE) is the largest company in the world. They should cover that. I think the wrestling business has been a certain way for so long that just because they’ve done things a certain way and people have gone with it, that doesn’t make it right.”

He closed out the point, “The WWE does not exist without the wrestlers.”

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