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Ryback Has Trouble with Heyman?, HHH’s Push for WWE Star Begins?, Swagger’s Look

– Ryback vs. CM Punk at last night’s RAW live event in Hartford, Connecticut had been advertised to be a Last Man Standing Match but was not. Ryback ended up winning via DQ when Paul Heyman ran in to break up a pin. After the bell, Ryback could barely get Heyman up for his Shellshocked finisher so he just slammed him instead. Punk then made the save but Ryback laid him out to end the show.

– Another match of note at last night’s live event in Hartford saw Michael McGillicutty beat David Otunga in about 20 seconds. McGillicutty cut a babyface promo before the match. We reported a few weeks back that Triple H was very high on McGillicutty and it appears his new push may be beginning soon.

– As noted on Saturday, Jack Swagger was back on the road working weekend live events, losing to Brodus Clay. Swagger is said to be sporting a longer, slicked-back hair style, different than the style he was wearing before he left WWE TV several weeks back.

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  • JamesBooth

    HHH’s high on him ? Well then give him his real name back instead of this bloody crap of McGillicutty !


    What Joe Hennig

  • Chelsii.

    This is a joke right? If Ryback seriously couldn’t get Heyman up for a Shell Shock; he shouldn’t be on the PPV.

  • Mick

    Well Heyman’s not a professionally trained wrestler, and how often has he really taken a bump in his age? This is not a Ryback fan defending the guy, if it’s just that Ryback sucks, well, he sucks then.

  • Mick

    *a bump, and/or a spot, my mistake.

  • Rg41982

    If lifting fat people were a judge of talent I guess no one would really be good at anything. I’m still waiting for hiac to tell if rybotch is truly ready or not. Like they said listen to punk he will get u threw.

  • Real Kosher

    guys really come on…first off its a marc middleton post….the dude will post any bullshit he can get his hands on before he even thinks to confirm any of it…

  • Erwin

    better than Goldberg LOOOOOL… he probably can’t even lift Gilberg

  • BACKWARDhero

    Peopel are fucking getting annoying with all this “Ryback being ready” crap. Do you really think he wrestles different than he did when he was Skip Sheffield? We seen him wrestle before, it’s just people against his gimmick.

  • Mick

    ^ You’re right, we have seen him wrestle before, and it isn’t different. In my case, it means his style doesn’t click with me, that’s just wrestling preference. Once again, he is only about 6 months in the main roster, starting over after missing nearly 2 years due to a serious knee or ankle or whatever injury.

    On a more general sense, it’s good WWE will try a young talent out, but I stress it’s a “broad” thing.

  • Rybork

    So he’s not better than Goldberg because he can’t lift a non-professional over-weight (no offense) manager? Since when did lifting people decide how good you were? by that stupid logic everyone should be supporting John Cena cause he can lift almost everyone.

    Also we will all find out how good he is in the ring at HIAC, yes you’ve seen him wrestle before but we’re yet to see if he can carry a main event match and make it entertaining to watch. I for one support him cause he’s something fresh, very over with the fans and i personally enjoy his style in the ring.

  • Kayfabe fan

    *gives no fucks about ryback*

    Anyways HOLY SHIT hennig getting a push god i hope it’s true
    Dammit let him use his real name and his father’s attire and push him like a mofo PLEAZE

  • Erwin

    @Rybork lifting people doesn’t equal wrestling ability correct but it’s Ryback we’re talking about here. He’s supposed to be this big bad monster who destroy everyone in his path, his strength is his SELLING POINT! It’s probably arguable not being able to lift Tensai but how much does Heyman weigh? he’s fat but most likely only as heavy if not lighter than middle-sized pro wrestlers..

    You remember when Mark Henry ripped out a CHAINED cell with his RAW strength because the chain wasn’t doctored properly and didn’t break as easily as it’s supposed to? THAT is how it should be when things don’t go as planned.. even if Heyman sandbagged Ryback he should still be able to lift Heyman (or Tensai for that matter) with his raw strength!

  • Kedo2

    Enough guyz, we are hatin’ because he have move which is he failing. We are not sayin’ he is not better than Goldberg because, he can lift a wrestler, but BECAUSE HE IS FAILING HIS MOVESET.

    Change his finishing move, ignore the “I am better than Goldber” and everything will be okay.

  • Feedmemore

    When i saw Joe on Raw i was like finally gets getting a push

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