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Ryback Playing Mind Games with Punk?, 3MB and More for Tonight’s RAW

– Tonight’s WWE RAW will take place from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Confirmed for tonight’s show is Kane vs. Big Show plus the finals of the tag tournament with Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

Locally WWE is advertising Sheamus vs. Big Show and Ryback vs. CM Punk in the “largest lumberjack match in WWE history.”

WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight’s show:

* With Kofi Kingston on a tear, can The Miz bounce back in time for Hell In a Cell?

* Who will be the new #1 contenders and get a tag title shot at Hell In a Cell?

* Will Daniel Bryan get involved in Kane’s match with Big Show?

* What’s next from 3MB?

* Will Ryback gain advantage over CM Punk with mind games going into Hell In a Cell?

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  • Darren

    3MB should be 3MJ – 3 Men Jobbing

  • Lisa

    Damn I hate that asshole CM Punk. I hope Ryback tears him apart at HiaC and wins the WWE title. I am sick and tired of seeing a cartoonish piece of garbage carrying the most prestigeous title in all of pro wrestling.

  • Muscleman

    Lisa still moaning, bitching, whining and complaining all over the site. Find something better to do, bitch.

  • Chelsii.

    I’m going to assume you have no real evidence to that statement Lisa? The most exciting title reign in the last 4-5 years and you’re complaining?

  • Brandon

    NLCS game 7……Monday Night Football with one of the most followed teams in the NFL……..Pres debate Obama vs Romney-probable winner take all debate…. The question is with Monday Night Raw on a ratings decline and bad storylines everywhere….will Raw have an over/under 2.5 rating?

  • Cee Jaih

    “Cartoonish piece of garbage hold the title” I hope your meaning Cena

  • Lisa

    Muscleman, you are one of the few people that I actually respect on this site. But with your increasingly negative comments, my respect for you is wearing thin fast. Don’t make me categorize you as an asshole together with Rob and company. Chelsii, you and I have never agreed on anything so no matter how much I back my claims it is never gonna matter.

  • Jason

    “Cartoonish piece of garbage” ohhh like the Terminator character they have for Ryback or the Superman character they have for Cena?
    CM Punk is great he is not as predictable as the others, If Ryback would win he would do and say anything Vince and HHH tells him too, Cena is always the same crap for the last 5 years.

  • Joseph

    Have to laugh at Lisa. She thinks Punk is a cartoony character but probably loved Mr.Cartoon himself John Cena. Ryback is NOWHERE deserving of a title shot, let alone a title reign.

  • Chelsii.

    You’ve never backed your claims; I await for you to do so.

  • Lisa

    Joseph, I like the way you CM Punk ass kissers worship that idiot. In my case my motto is “anybody but Punk”. I wouldn’t even care if stupid clowns like Santino or Ryder won the fucking title. Heck I wouldn’t even give a damn if that one meter tall Hornswoggle won it. With that said, why would I think that Ryback isn’t ready for a title run. Besides, we come from the same neigborhood so I would love to see him win it. I’m so tired beyond words with the long and boring Punk title reign. I will party like it is my last day on earth when that asshole drops the title.

  • Rybork

    *confession bear* i actually find 3MB entertaining.

    *confession bear* i’ve heard the ‘largest lumberjack in WWE history’ tag-line way too many times.

  • Kristine

    Chelsii, don’t waste your time. It is not possible to make her understand how wrong she is.

  • Kayfabe fan

    *reads kane vs show*

    I mean kane can still carry himself in a great way and big show is trying his best too but they’re better when with smaller wrestlers , together their matches are ….meh

    P.s lisa calling punk cartoonish is as funny as triple h talking about anti bullying

  • Z…..

    earlier you said you didnt want someone disgracing “the most prestigious title in pro wrestling.” then you say that you dont care who the champion is, even if its a joke character, as long as its not punk. well, the people that you say you would rather see as champion, disgrace that title, whether or not you want to admit it. Punk isnt the greatest technical wrestler or in ring worker in the company, but he is so far beyond the people you have mentioned (Cena, Ryback) that its not even close. Add the fact that on the mic and portraying whatever character he needs to, he is arguable the best in the company, and you have the reason why he is the current only person around the main event scene who should hold that title. Your claim is that he is an “asshole,” but if he was such an “asshole,” why would he be so willing to help everyone that he helps behind the scenes? Why would he be willing to help get ryback through this terrible situation by helping him look good every time they are out there together? Why would he care about explaining match sequencing? Why would he care how Ryback looks when he carries him to this main event match? In other words, your opinion is just as, if not way more flawed, than ours. We can back up our claims that John Cena’s character is garbage just like his in ring skills

  • Cee Jaih

    See Lisa this is why people don’t like you, you get mad at Muscleman for having a opinion

  • rob

    I think we can all agree that Lisa is either a very very good troll or simply a dumb fucking cunt who knows nothing about wrestling.

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