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Ryback Says Goldberg Will Be Brought Back and Beaten

Reporters in India this weekend asked Ryback about fans chanting “Goldberg” during his matches.

“When I first started with WWE, I did not get that [Goldberg chants] right away,” Ryback said. “But then the WWE.com website actually posted an article – because people that run the website aren’t necessarily the ones at TV – and they wrote that I channeled Bill Goldberg before my matches, which is completely false. So whatever creative genius did that… a bunch of people read that article on the .COM, and the chants started a week after because of that brilliant article that was posted.”

“It’s something that never bothers me, but I’m a man of my own identity and eventually the people that keep chanting it, they’re going to make me a ton of money because I’m going to have to beat him eventually. We’ll get him back and I’ll beat him.”

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  • Trey Doss

    he should troll the wwe universe for at least one time

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I think that they are trying to start a feud between Ryback and Goldberg. Which probably will happen at Wrestlemania XXX.

    • Lucas Amato

      i actually think.. Ryback its doing that… A lot of times this thing happen in the interviews… And, someway.. Its right, if this continue he will need to beat Goldberg..

      • Alejandro

        Goldberg already said he’s not to compete at Wrestlemania 30 against Ryback. He said he’ll only wrestle Undertaker or Stone Cold at Wrestlemania but that’s not going to happen.

        • Well of course he said he wouldn’t return for WM30. He wants to keep it a surprise, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he announced when he was returning

  • KingBack

    Ryback is overall way better than Goldberg so I won’t mind him beating the hell
    out of that jewish sucker.

    • tim

      racist much ???

    • Why does it matter that he’s Jewish? Plus, who will be remembered in 20 years, Goldberg or Ryback? I think we know the answer to that one.

  • Me

    Another misleading title. Good job WNZ.

  • tt2000

    Ryback is lying. He really thinks an article about him on WWE.com lead to everybody chanting GOLDBERG during his matches?

    No, people chant Goldberg because he’s a big muscular bald dude with power moves and an undefeated streak.

  • Devon

    Rybitch sucks.

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