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Ryback Talks About His Diet and Being a Loner

– Ryback spoke with IndiaTimes.com while in Mumbai promoting WWE 2K14 this week. He talked about how much he eats:

“I eat all the time. I eat everything from chicken to steak to egg whites. I’m on the run all the time and if I stop at a restaurant, I order at least two omelettes with chicken. I eat eight to 10 times a day. And I work out for three hours, with yoga and stretching, strength or weight training and conditioning. Everyone has different genetics, and I come from a larger family. Some people are built skinnier naturally. You just have to eat a lot and then work out.”

Ryback also said WWE told him if he wants to be a top star, don’t have a family:

“The WWE told me if I wanted to be the best, the best bet was to stay single and not start a family. I’m a loner and that is what I’ve given up to be what I am. I’ve had girlfriends, but at this point, I have to do what I need to do.”

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  • KingBack

    I wanna know how many times a week he masturbates

    • John Cena 2004


    • tom

      WTF sicko


      After every meal………..

      • KingBack

        Food can be hot..

    • Bite Me You Loser

      He’s not a bully just sexually frustrated!

    • Mark Henry’s poop bag

      I wanna know when he licks the cooch

      • stevewiser

        He can’t get enough, where do you think feed me more came from?

    • stevewiser

      I bet when he finishes he says ‘Ryback rules’ and then does like 20000 hindu squats

  • tt2000

    I love Ryback’s big muscles. He should flex and pose more.

  • Shell

    I wish I had Ryback’s hunger.. I can eat as much as I want~
    But no, I get full easily.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    I hope he eats some arsenic and washes it down with a nice glass of Draino.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      That is not nice :-(.

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