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Ryback Talks Vince McMahon, Steroids, CM Punk

Ryback recently spoke with Sports Illustrated.

During the interview he recollected one of the last conversations he had with Vince McMahon.

“In one of our last talks,” Ryback said, “Vince told me, ‘You’re the hardest working guy that I have here,’ I just said, ‘Thank you.’ Vince said, ‘But hard work doesn’t always pay off here.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Well then, I need to go to a world where my hard work will pay off.’”

He expounded, “Vince has created that world, that bubble he lives in with the people he has surrounded himself with, and I need to go out and create my world. My beliefs are entirely different than his. No offense, we just didn’t see eye-to-eye business-wise, and I’m going to tell the people why. I’ve taken a lot of sh-t over the years for things I had no control over. I do have control now, and I’m not going to live in fear. I know the way things work there, and if I want to talk about it, then I’m going to.”

Ryback discussed the written scripts that form the backbone of the current WWE product.

“The promos were atrocious during my whole last run,” He said, “I delivered them exactly as I was supposed to deliver them, but the writing was so out of touch. I remember Jericho went up to me and asked, ‘Who’s writing this?’ And I said, ‘Vince. I’ve tried to get it changed but he wants me reading it word for word.’ Vince wanted me to read his promos word for word, and I never enjoyed that and I never will.”

He continued, “The problem with these writers who work for Vince is that they’re scared. Everyone is scared. I used to tell Vince that all the time. I’ve told him, ‘You have all these people who are scared around you. They can’t truly do their job. They’re always going to play it safe and nobody is going to take chances.’ That’s why you see these promos with guys, week in and week out, playing it safe, staying within the guidelines, keeping the sponsors happy, and keeping it PG.”

And closing the point, “They don’t want to take a chance with anybody saying anything that could create controversy, and that’s why you see the product the way it is today.”

Ryback candidly opened up about his use of steroids and testosterone-replacement therapy.

“This is something you never really hear people talk about in wrestling,” He said, “But I had low testosterone for ten years, starting five years before the WWE. That all stemmed from experimenting with steroids at a very young age. People react differently, and it shut my body down and never came back. The WWE has the Wellness Program, and I will applaud them time and time again for bringing that in and saving a lot of lives with that program. Through that program, you’re allowed to have, through a board certified endocrinologist, testosterone-replacement therapy.”

Ryback went on, “You need to have all the blood work with multiple samples showing that your body is not producing adequate levels of testosterone. Through that, I was able to have a normal, regular testosterone replacement therapy dosage during my time there to keep me within the normal range. It was monitored by WWE and my doctor, as well as the Wellness Program tests and blood tests and urine tests.”

The Big Guy reflected on the disparaging comments CM Punk made about him on the Colt Cabana podcast and the impact they had on his career.

“Those Punk comments did a lot of damage to me,” Ryback said, “CM Punk has a tremendous following. When you have as many followers as he has, and you say something about somebody, they’re going to believe everything you say. To this day, I don’t know why Punk tied me in with his whole thing against the WWE.”

He concluded, “I feel like part of it was he was his unhappiest with the company when he was working with me, and I kind of got tied into all of it.”

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