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Ryback To Feud With Brock Lesnar, Goldberg Update

Ryback appears to be turning babyface after Paul Heyman dismissed Ryback as a potential “Paul Heyman Guy” on Raw on Monday. According to F4WOnline.com, current plans call for Ryback to feud with Brock Lesnar, with a match likely taking place at Royal Rumble—Heyman sends Lesnar to destroy Ryback, since he blames him for CM Punk putting him in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile, while WWE officials would like to have Ryback face Goldberg at WrestleMania XXX, sources within the organization don’t expect the former World Heavyweight Champion to come on board since he would almost certainly be asked to job. Goldberg stated in an interview earlier this year that he would not return to the company to lose.

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  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    I love how this site recently reported that Ryback was being buried to the bottom of the pile, and now they’re saying he’s being set up for a Rumble match against Lesnar and a Mania match against Goldberg. That’s quite the impressive burial. Very expensive casket.

    • tt2000

      Best post I’ve seen from you!


      Surprise you’re not talking bad about Ryback.


    Not the first time we’ve heard such demands from Goldberg..

    • DexDude

      “Demands”? Why the hell would we return for one match in order to job? Do you think if either The Rock or Lesnar only came back for ONE match that they would job? No. It’s not a demand it would just be plain stupid for him to job.. especially to Ryback.

      • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

        1st of all Goldberg ain’t in the same class as those two. And why won’t he the Rock jobbed for him when he came to
        the WWE & Brock did the same for Cena. I thank he owes from the last mania match he was in……..
        PAY WUT U OWE!!!!!!!

        • DexDude

          My God you need to learn to read, and spell. I CLEARLY said if they came back for ONE MATCH. THEY DIDNT! IF Brock or Rock came back for ONLY ONE MATCH than they would never job. Also jobbing to Cena isn’t exactly “jobbing” since being in a match with WWE’s biggest star is a good thing even if you lose. Besides that losing to Cena is a little different that losing to Ryback. And again, one more time so you don’t get confused.. I’m saying IF THEY CAME BACK FOR ONLY ONE MATCH. I hope you understand now.

      • Richie

        WHY would he come in to job…how about to help get a young guy over, do something GOOD for business, and prolly a ridiculous payday on top of it! The fact that he dont want to lose proves one thing…that hes a selfish arrogant douche whos ego was inflated by all his hype(which obviously he is the only one who believes)! Look at guys like Chris Jericho…he has no problems coming back here and there and putting others over in the end, and hes a far better wrestler than Goldberg EVER was or will be!


          He got spoiled in WCW and still expects preferential treatment even though he isn’t relevant….


        Goldberg is no Rock and Brock would job for a nice paycheck I don’t think he cares about losing a phony wrestling match and it’s not like Goldberg is relevant cuz he isn’t, it wouldn’t kill Goldberg to give back a little bit and lose in a carefully booked match, he could still look strong and get a nice payday and be over.
        With that being said they’v kind of ruined Ryback with all his jobs as of late so I don’t even wan’t to see that match it would be like betting against Taker at mania…


    Ryback vs Lesnar I would like to see it.

    • Abudadein

      I would like to see Ryback vs. Lesnar in a philosophical debate about the dilemma of determinism, and whether our actions are controlled by a causal chain of preceding events (or by some other external influence), or if we’re truly free agents making decisions of our own volition. Just sayin’.

      • Lara_P1

        Book it Now! match of the year.

      • Richie

        This i would pay to see lol!

        • Abudadein

          It would be a real slobbernocker of the minds, that would leave Brock with a furrowed brow and a glazed look in his eyes, similar to how he looked at the end of his match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19 when he landed on his head after attempting a Shooting Star Press.

  • Alejandro

    One week they’re giving up on him and one week later they want to make him a star again. Make up your minds already WWE!

  • Maddox

    That would be cool as long as it isn’t at Mania and Ryback isn’t gonna face Taker as mania too

  • DexDude

    This article doesn’t make much sense.. on Smackdown this week Ryback teams with Curtis Axel.. which I guess means he’s still a “Paul Heyman guy”.. which also doesn’t make sense after the Heyman promo on RAW. WWE doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

    • Richie

      Did u not watch…Ryback said he didnt want to team with Axel if Axel was still a Heyman guy…Axel said he was not! Then at the end there was tension between Axel and Ryback just before the Wyatt Family beat them down! So it seems they are building an angle between Ryback and the Heyman guys!

  • Anthony Dewayne Overall

    hell if Hogan can job so can Goldberg

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