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What Were Ryback’s Wild Demands For New WWE Contract?

The WWE made the decision to not renew Ryback’s contract before Payback, according to the Wresting Observer Newsletter. The day after Payback, Ryback was sent home before RAW started.

In his new deal, Ryback wanted WWE to pay for his hotel and traveling expenses and wanted a guaranteed contract if he was released. The promotion didn’t agree to those terms.

WWE could release Ryback now, but it would be easier to let his contract expire this summer.

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  • Lisa

    Ryback’s demands are ridiculous.

    • siddus

      Having travel expenses paid for by the company is not ridiculous, and in any other job is standard. It simply goes against the grain of the entire history of the industry. But it is something that should change.

  • Si Nicholls

    There’s a case of someone who thinks he is better than he actually is, hope he goes anywhere else but TNA, I don’t particulary want to watch him there either

  • The Shockmaster

    Imagine the food bill!

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Just think. When Ryback leaves the WWE Heath Slater, Tidus O Neil and Darren Young will be the last of NXT season 1

    • JFJ

      Titus wasn’t on season 1. The other African American competitor from season 1 was Michael Tarver. Titus was first seen on season 2.

      • Bite Me You Loser

        That was the joke. Thank you.

        • DexDude

          So the joke was all black people look the same? Cool.

          • Bite Me You Loser

            Yes like Michael Cole mixing up the Usos and New Day members. That joke.

  • Bradley Patterson

    Put a mask on him and have him in Lucha underground

  • cp munk

    Maybe if he had more pull with the company these demands could be met. He seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. (No pun intended lol) he’s not as big of a star as he thinks he is. WWE will survive with or without him. By complaining all he did was make their decision a little easier on who to get rid of

  • Joe

    I can see the “BYE BYE RYBACK” chants already… Ha

  • Mark B.

    Ryback wants a rubber ducky and tv dinners for life.

  • RICKSONbyarmbar!

    Ryback vs Nick Cage

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