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Ryder Says His Show Will Suck, WWE Sending Star to Harley Race Camp, Dusty

– WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes turns 67 years old today.

– WWE is sending William Regal to the annual Harley Race training camp to scout talents and work as a guest trainer. The camp will run from November 26th through the 30th in Eldon, MO. The other trainer announced is Takeshi Morishima.

– A new episode of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show will come out later today but Ryder says it will suck after WWE rejected what he originally sent them yesterday. He tweeted last night:

“So @WWE rejected Episode 88 of Z! TLIS. Thus, tomorrow’s episode will suck.”

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  • Real Kosher

    um…WNZ do some research…I was on twitter yesterday and Goldust tweeted that it was his dads bday..yesterday..the 11th…

    and Ryders show always sucks…he needs to catch up

  • Rybork

    Dear WWE,

    Ryder got famous for his show which was his idea and in which he had his own limitations. Not a show which had to be approved and watered down by WWE.

    Ryder Revolution which is dying fast.

  • Kevin

    I have a feeling that Ryder is gonna cancel his show because he is probably sick of WWE editing it all the time.

  • matthew

    Wwe writers are shit

  • rob

    ZTLIS hasn’t been good since episode 50….. I miss Chi True Long Island Story

  • Joseph

    Why exactly are they scouting for new talent when they don’t even know how to use the ones they have now?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Joseph But at least they’re at a _wrestling_ camp instead of, you know, a local gym. >.>

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