Sad Court Photo of Sunny, Big Show Insults Latin Fans, Trish-HOF News

- Below is a depressing photo of WWE Hall of Famer Sunny in court on Monday following her most recent arrest:

Sunny In Court

- With her induction this year, 37 year old Trish Stratus will be the youngest member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

- After last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings ended in San Diego, Big Show came out and cut a promo against the many Latin fans in the crowd. Show talked about how he hires people like the fans in the crowd to clean his pool and cut his grass. Show said Alberto Del Rio was in the back with a burrito, which brought out Del Rio for a fight. The brawl ended with Del Rio assaulting Show with a steel chair.

  • Junaid Bokhari

    What has she done to herself? Just 2 years back when she got inducted into HOF, she was so attractive. Look at what drugs did to her

    • jcice13

      looks like DDP has another client coming to his house

  • AJStylesTheBest

    Sunny used to look Hot, Sexy & Gorgeous, NOW she looks Old, Fat & Disgusting

  • Y2J

    Called it. (About Sunny, not ADR and Show)

  • CMmox

    Sunny, like undashing CR would say, you’re ugly & hideous!

  • David Smyth

    Nothing more can be said about Sunny, so let’s look at thew positive; Show is one funny man…lol.

  • Thatoneperson

    I hope they don’t make Big show give Alberto del rio’s mom a heart attack

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