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Samoa Joe Expected To Be Called Up To The WWE Main Roster Soon

WWE is planning to have Samoa Joe make his main roster debut after WrestleMania 32. Most likely it will be at the RAW after WrestleMania.

When WWE first signed him to a developmental deal, there was talk of keeping Joe down in NXT and not call him up to the main roster. That’s not the plan now. It should be noted that if Joe beats Finn Balor at NXT Takeover: Dallas for the NXT Title then his main roster debut would be pushed back to a later date.

There has also been talk of bringing Finn Balor up to the main roster, but it’s believed that WWE will keep him in NXT until March or later as he is the top draw in NXT right now. 


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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Samoa Joe should have been a surprise Royal Rumble entrant but anyways can’t wait for his debut!

  • It Begins kid

    AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

  • Meg Matthews

    Does Sami zayn being in the rumble mean he’s on the main roster now? & the same for Aj styles is he going straight to the main roster or will he be in developmental/nxt@all because usually with new wrestlers they usually do don’t they

    • hotkillerz

      you must have missed the article dealing with aj styles contract hes a full time main roaster star meaning he will be doing all the house shows and live events

      • Meg Matthews

        Yeh did miss it, usually miss a lit of stuff when I use up my net allowance ? when was the article on here?

        • hotkillerz

          Page 5

    • Rizzy

      Usually when an NXT talent debuts on the main roster they’re there to stay. They slowly leave NXT and Zayn’s match with Nakamura will probably be his last there.

      • Meg Matthews

        Thanx ??

  • robvanriot

    So, the WWE might call him up to the main roster, unless they put the NXT Title on him, in which case they won’t.

    This article is a longwinded way of saying ‘we don’t know how Samoa Joe is going to be booked, or on which roster he’ll appear’.

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