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Samoa Joe On Keeping His Indy Name In NXT

Samoa Joe recently appeared on Busted Open Nation to go over his short WWE career. The new NXT Champion and the hosts noted how Joe and other talent from the Indy circuit are being allowed to now use their own name and not ones created by WWE.

“You just don’t mess with good things,” said Joe. “They decided not to do it with me. It wasn’t something I had to champion much for. I think NXT was transcending it’s status of being a developmental league. I think Hunter, with it being his brainchild, he wanted to add some momentum, and bringing me in was a big part of that and he understood what I brought to the table.”

It’s been almost a full year since Joe joined NXT. He just defeated Finn Balor at a live event to win his first NXT Championship.

For more of Joe, like his biggest fear during the debut, please click here.

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