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Scott Hall Reacts To TNA’s Lackluster Bound For Glory Attendance – “A Sad State Of Affairs”

TNA Wrestling held its premiere event, Bound For Glory, this past Sunday in San Diego, California, and was unable to fill a good portion of the 12,000 seat Viejas Arena. To combat this startling lack of attendance, some fans were guided to seats in the lower bowl and moved near the hard camera in order for the venue to appear full during the pay-per-view broadcast. Scott Hall, who appeared for the organization as recently as 2010, weighed in on the lackluster turnout with the following message on Twitter.

Despite the company’s ills, he feels that former New World Order cohorts Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are not to blame. In response to a fan saying it’s their fault, Hall wrote, “The history is that [Bischoff] and Hulk left alone, draw money. They never had the control needed to pop that company in my opinion..”

In response to whether WWE head Vince McMahon will ultimately buy the company out, Hall wrote, “Nothing to buy….” In his opinion, that includes talent. Hall wrote to a fan, “Name three people WWE would want…”

Hall added that he he has no interest in returning to the company.

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  • Eric Chism

    That is pathetic. BFG is their biggest show of the year and that is what it can draw. Pathetic. Did anyone here watch the PPV? What did it look like on TV?

    • D.M.T

      On TV it looked like the arena was sold out lol.

      • Eric Chism

        I can’t imagine that show turning a profit for TNA. That pic looks like 2,000 or so people in a 12,000 seat arena. If I had bought front row seats for that and they started moving people down that paid $20 for their seats, I would be pissed….I would never do that.

  • Rotnerd

    tna makes me ill to watch but this is sad, feel b ad for the wrestlers.

  • Abudadein

    The grandest stage of them all!

  • Abudadein

    I find it funny that Scott Hall would call something “a sad state if affairs.”

  • Bonkerz

    AJ styles, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy…maybe Anderson.
    That’s 5 Mr Hall….

    • Tommy Colosi

      Anderson, No.
      Styles, well the fact he is back proves no.
      Angle and Hardy, been there so they don’t really count

  • Bonkerz

    10 problems that TNA should fix:
    1. Bischoff having any sort of creative control
    2. Missused wrestlers (Storm, Daniels, Joe etc.)
    3. Taz’s sub-par Announcing skills
    4. Poor Marketing
    5. Pooly thought-out storylines (e.g. Joseph Park)
    6. Small Ring – BRING BACK THE 6-SIDED RING!
    7. Loss of focus on the tag team division – tag matches have lost their appeal (I feel it is because they don’t have enough space to work thanks to the smaller ring- it appears too cramped)
    8. Loss of focus on the Knockouts division – they seem to act more ‘Diva’ish nowadays.
    9. They don’t have King of the Mountain, Asylum, Monster’s Ball, Xscape matches anymore (among others)
    10. Dixie cant act as a heel
    (11. TNA’s Stage design and elevated ramp)

    Im not a TNA hater, I’m a TNA fan. I used to love TNA more than WWE before 2010. I just hate to see what TNA has become. I still watch it in hopes that something is done to restore TNA to its former glory.

    • bigheadjoe

      You can’t add an 11th thing just by putting it in parentheses. You said 10, stick to it. (joking)

      I’m so tired right now that I read #4 as “Poor Parking” as if they could bring their parking woes from venue to venue like they do their attendance woes.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    This is what a company looks like before it falls. AWA 1990, WCW 2001, TNA 2013.

  • FordOLoads

    just shut up old wasted guy!

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