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Scott Hall Talks About Addiction, His Upcoming DVD And Wanting To Work In NXT

WWE Legend Scott Hall spoke with The Whig about his pro wrestling career and addiction. Here are the highlights.

On being back in WWE and his new DVD: “I’m in the Hall of Fame, involved in Triple H’s match at Mania, throw in a little Raw appearance here and there, I’ve got a DVD coming out in July. I’m back in, and it feels real good. It’s way better to be on the inside looking out than on the outside looking in.”

On his addiction: “I never was in any kind of denial that I had issues,” Hall said. “That’s why I went to 12 rehabs. It was only the last five or six when the WWE stepped in and started referring me to toward more dual diagnosis clinics. As time went on and the addiction specialist I’ve worked with up there for years … said that, ‘The symptoms are alcohol and drug abuse, let’s treat the root problem, what’s causing this behaviour.’ All the 12-step places say don’t drink, go to meetings, call your sponsor … I’m like, ‘Oh, gee, don’t drink? I never thought of that. What do I owe you, 40 grand?’ Once I started dealing with the (psychological) issues and what’s causing that type of behaviour, I started to gain a little traction.”

“I should’ve been dead a hundred times,” Hall said. “So there’s got to be a purpose. I do believe that things happen for a reason and nothing happens by accident and I guess there is a message here. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with telling people (about my struggles). Sometimes I’ll see one guy go, ‘Man, I just want to party a little bit, I just want to have a few beers.’ And I go, ‘Do you realize who you’re talking to? You’re explaining that lifestyle to me?’ And they go, ‘Ah, gee, OK.’ So it gives me credibility with the younger guys when I want to talk about life on the road and maybe things to avoid. I’ve got all of this knowledge that I’ve gained through a lot of pain. It wasn’t all painful but a lot of painful times, so if I can steer somebody else away from a painful encounter, then maybe that’s why I’m here.”

On wanting to work in NXT: “My goal is to work at NXT and work with the young talent,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed working with the young guys and I think that’s where I’ll be most gifted and be of the most value. But I figure the best thing for me to do is just to continue to keep my shit together and go places and let people see me with my shit together. When my head is clear, my phone rings and opportunities are presented to me all the time. So I’m just keeping my shit together and letting people know it. I’ll wait and see what comes from there. I’m not going to flat out ask for a job at this point. I’m kind of hoping it gets offered to me down the road. But I figure the best thing I can do is put myself in a good situation by keeping it together.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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