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Scott Hall On Tricking ‘Razor Ramon’ Idea To Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was trying to create a gimmick for Scott Hall when the the former champion turned the tables. He knew Vince had never seen the movie Scarface and ran with that idea.

‘Say hello to the bad guy.’ I just started doing that schtick and he loved it and he thought I was a genius,” said Hall to The Whig. “I’m ripping off the movie and he thinks I’m a genius. Of course I never corrected him about the genius part,” Hall quipped. “But that’s how it all came about.”

When he returned to the WWE after WCW was purchased, it was using the ‘Scott Hall’ name. Though when inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame, it’s as Razor Ramon.

Hall also discussed his current relationship with Hulk Hogan, NXT and leaving WWE for WCW. To hear the entire thing, click here.

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