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Scott Steiner Files Lawsuit Against Jeff Hardy and TNA

– Scott Steiner filed another lawsuit against TNA on Monday.

Steiner alleges that TNA allowed an under-the-influence of “alcohol and possibly drugs” Jeff Hardy in their ring during a TNA live event in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Steiner claims as a result, he suffered nerve damage to his neck and back as well as an injury to his biceps. Steiner alleges that “[TNA] knew or should have known that their agent, employee, representative, and/or servant was too incapacitated, intoxicated and/or under the influence of a controlled substance and should not have been allowed to enter the ring thus endangering the life, health, well being and safety of Scott Rechsteiner.”

Steiner is seeking $750,000 in damages. As of Monday afternoon, TNA had not been served with the lawsuit yet. There is a hearing set for November 30th where TNA is trying to get Steiner’s first lawsuit dismissed.

Source: PWInsider

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  • SamoaJoeFTW

    Nice…… the comments just filled with RTs and Facebook likes, don’t think I’ll be commenting here anymore WNZ…

  • Adam

    Can I sue Steiner because I have had to watch him on TV? I can never get that time back.

  • Richie

    Sounds to me like Steiner is just getting desperate for a payday! His first lawsuit didn’t or isn’t going so well…so he had to come up with another reason! He has burnt all his bridges and no one wants him anymore it would seem…so now he has to resort to trying to sue his way into a big payday!

    And i’m not trying to be disrespectful…i was a Scott Steiner fan…until my cousin went to a show and met Steiner, Nash and Jarrett in person! He said Steiner was quite rude to the fans to the point that Jarrett was compelled to apologize to some fans and spend a few minutes more than scheduled signing autographs and taking photos after Steiner had walked away!

  • GnarKiller

    Dickbag McQuack dislikes this on Facebook, as he is not sure if Steiner is in the right in this situation.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Stupid asshole Huckster. This is his fault. He could’ve just let the bile things Steiner said about him on Twitter slide off his back but NO, he had to feed the troll then sue him like the big lawsuit happy baby that he is. Even if TNA does come out on top it’s still money that they’re wasting on 2 frivolous lawsuits: Huckster’s lawsuit against Big Dumb as a Stump for his Twitter comments and this countersuit from Big Dumb as a Stump for injuries he most likely caused himself. Why does a nice guy like Brad Armstrong die young while these 2 assholes are allowed to waste TNA’s money and our air? Hell with both of them.

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