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Scott Steiner Reveals Details About Eric Bischoff, Bischoff’s Wife & Strippers

Scott Steiner is back with some more rants on Eric Bischoff – revealing new details about Eric’s involvement in the Gold Club Atlanta strip club scandal. Steiner talks about Eric Bischoff and his wife talking strippers to a hotel for some late night activities – and the only reason this information got out is because Bischoff is a bad tipper:

“Bitchoff also said in interview Im going thru a mid-life crisis and im a drug abuser,pretty stupid statement.

Since his business partner Hogan recently did a sex video and hes over 60,and hogan testified under Oath that he did steroids,WTF bitchoff how stupid are you,in these interviews you cant deny What Ive been saying,so you say stupid shit and bury yourself and Hogan.

Havent had a chance to post 609bitchoffs testimony yet,but since Ive been getting alot of tweets Back wanting to know about it,Again 609 is the last sequence in his docket # 1:19-CR-609 and he Testifies under oath that he and his wife go to the Gold Club and pick up a stripper and take her To a hotel,he watches his wife have lesbian sex with the stripper and then he joins them,but the best But the best part is reading his testimony and you can see what a weasle he is.

Also in reading his testimony you find out the only way he gets caught is he gave the stripper a Bullshit tip,and she gets pissed goes back to the Gold Club tells her boss what he tipped her. He then goes into the register and gives her a bigger tip…….BUSTED..if he would have just gave her a Good tip her boss wouldnt have gone into the register,the FBI was watching all transactions.

I betcha 609bitchoff whos always bragging about how much money he has,wishes he would have gave her A better tip,that must drive you nuts at night,knowing that if you werent such a cheap-ass you could Have avoided all this embarrassment,Hey Eric when you explain lesbian sex to 609garrett And your daughter can you have a fan videotape it,I think this is just the fan participation that hogan was Talking about.

This was another reason why I left,I wasnt going to watch a low-life low-class piece of shit like you run Tna into the ground like you did WCW,Trust me I’m just getting started…F*CK U. 609 Save Tna.”

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  • David

    Keep it coming, Scott! 609!!!

  • Peter Ballack

    And yet again, I find myself liking Scott Steiner a little more. 609!


    Even though i do not like TNA i gotta admit this #609 > Yes Yes Yes anyday!

  • bob

    steiner is a badass lol he may not have it in the ring anymore but he sure as hell can grab attention with this! i dont think its an angle anymore cuz now its getting even more personal. hope it ruins bollea/bishoff so they just go away. ive stated this many times, im not a tna fan BUT i want them to succeed. its the only way wrestling gets better for all fans (wwe, tna, roh, etc..) but having bischoff who has a unearned inflated ego (considering everything he touches falls to shit) and bollea who is plain and simple a cancer to the wrestling business cant share the spot light will kill tna (look at their ppv buyrates and tv ratings). dicksee’s parents need to step in and cut loose the dead weight

  • Bad News Bro

    I just like how Bischoff and Hogan keep trying to make him out as bitter with some sour grapes. Has Steiner ever really talked about himself in these rants? He’s bitched about Roode, Storm, Styles, and all the young guys being misused, but when did he ever say that he himself didn’t receive a fair-shake?

    But it’s Hogan and Bischoff. They’ll never see it that way.

  • later marks

    Love Steiner but this info ha been out for years, not widely talked about anymore but it has been reported on.

  • Adam

    Steiner is trying to make himself look cool by rehashing old news, but all he is doing is making Bischoff look cool – he had a freedom with a stripper. Thats two more women than Steiner has seen naked.

  • Adam

    Steiner is trying to make himself look cool by rehashing old news, but all he is doing is making Bischoff look cool – he had a threesome with a stripper. Thats two more women than Steiner has seen naked.

  • wyldechylde

    This all came out in 2001. It isn’t news and it didn’t ruin Bischoff back then. It won’t ruin him now. I posted the link the one of the places the story ran back in 2001 complete with lesbian sex testimony on the 2nd. On this site as a matter of fact. Here it is for the second time The reveal shows Steiner is pathetic and isn’t any better than Dixie at dropping a bombshell. His critiques of TNA are valid and he should stick to those

  • nightmare

    Steiner should run for president he would win for sure keep it it buddy maybe just maybe we will finally get rid of that no talent piece of Shit Terry Bello aka Hulk Hogan

    .I just watched an not so old TNA dvd and it has the six sided ring and Don WEst with Mike Tennay and I am telling you from what you have now TNA is pure shit compared to what you has back than.Taz sucks ass on the team bring back Don he made the matches so much more fun and exciting even the bad ones which to be honest there was not that many .I miss that TNA

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