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Scott Steiner Takes Aim At Eric Bischoff and His Wife In Latest Twitter Rant

Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling in March, has continued to trash his former employer’s upper hierarchy via Twitter. In his latest series of messages, “Big Poppa Pump” slams Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. “Big Poppa Pump” also takes digs at Bischoff’s wife Loree, who wrote a self-help book called Common Sense Happiness. He wrote:

You say im old hogan says he wanted to bring me back right away,you two jackoffs need to get on

The same page

Seeing how scared you were when you saw the guys lined up to slap the shit out of you and since your

Such a pussy you cant defend yourself from a bitchslap,you would have thought that you would

Have wised up! But you didnt and you arrogantly came into TNA and treated everybody like shit,you trash

Talk wrestlers in the media including Bret,Booker etc which is bullshit bcuz nobody has ever turned

The tv on or paid for a PPV to see you but your so dillusional you think otherwise, but your whole family

Is dillusional,Now i realize anybody can write a book but seriously your wife writes a book titled

Common sense happiness(im not making this up) ..really…well there better be a whole chapter on

Eating pussy….. bcuz according to your testimony that makes her happy

Friends…Fuck dont know anything about me

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  • Muscleman

    Steiner 4 president.

  • Richie

    This is one of those times i find Scott at fault! What does Bischoff’s wife have to do with anything? WHY does Scott always drag the family members into it…those who have nothing to do with what goes on in TNA, he needs to leave out of his rants! All trashing them does is make his tweets seem like incoherent ramblings of a disgruntled ex employee!

    I do agree with a lot of what he says…but theres no need to attack the family members that have nothing to do with TNA! That just makes it seem like he has a personal vendetta against the families and he uses the fact that hes “trying to save TNA” as an excuse to cover his ass and keep the fans on his side!

  • I see Scott Steiner forgot to take his medicine again. Really, the guy needs therapy.

  • Guy

    It could be the drugs that he used to take that is making him a little crazy…

  • Tyler

    Steiner is an idiot. Just mad because he isn’t worth a dollar sign anymore. Not really sure he ever was.

  • Brent

    i have spent more time reading steiners rants than watching TNA and i do not feel bad about it.

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