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Several Champions Crowned at TNA Bound For Glory

– Robbie E and Jesse Godderz became the new TNA Tag Team Champions by defeating James Storm and Gunner at tonight’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. They were accompanied by Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. This their first run with the tag team titles.

– Chris Sabin became the new TNA X Division Champion at tonight’s pay-per-view. He got the win after forcing girlfriend Velvet Sky to be a distraction. This is Sabin’s 7th reign with the X Division Title.

– Gail Kim became the new TNA Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory after Lei’D Tapa helped her win the match. This is Gail’s third run with the Knockouts Title.

– In the No DQ main event of tonight’s pay-per-view, AJ Styles defeated Bully Ray to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. This AJ’s second run with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

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  • showoff

    its only his second reign? dam thats crazy

    • D.M.T

      Dude, he’s also a former 3 time NWA World Champion in TNA.

      • showoff

        oh i didnt know they didnt count as the tna heavyweight championship

  • Z….

    Technically AJ is a 5 time world champion. 3 of the previous times were when TNA was part of the NWA

  • D.M.T

    I like Bully Ray but I’m really happy that AJ Styles is once again our reigning, defending TNA World Heavyweight Champion!!!

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Another problem with TNA, 10 years later their championship holders are still the same. TNA have a worse track record of pushing new stars than WWE. 10 years ago we had champions like The Rock, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, HHH, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Hardy Boys, Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian, Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, etc. TNA had champions like AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Abyss etc.. 10 years later, they’re still the champions. Where is the progression?

    • Damian Starr

      agreed that they do need to have some fresher faces as champions however I do want to say that their current younger stars are looking promising, i can see them spinning out a story where magnus strives for the gold which could last until next BFG maybe? i liked manic as x division champ could see him and sabin feuding quite well together, aries can carry any strap and add value to it, storm desperately needs a legitimate singles title reign and i hope him and gunner dropping the straps is going to start a push for storm… btw abyss isn’t really champ as his title has been retired

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