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Several WWE Stars Comment On The Original NXT TV Series

WWE has a new article looking at NXT the TV show. WWE aired the show on the Syfy network and it ran for five seasons. Several WWE stars commented on the show. Here are the highlights.

DANIEL BRYAN (SEASON 1 ROOKIE): NXT was kind of a last-minute thing, the whole show. I don’t think they really knew what they were gonna do with the concept of NXT, so a lot of it was very interesting and wild to be a part of.

I think it ended up being very good for me, them putting me in that role. Because right away, people who were fans of me were [ticked] off that they were putting me as a Rookie with The Miz as my Pro. And most of the audience had never seen me before and started to feel bad for me. So I got that sympathy role of the underdog.

CHRIS JERICHO (KING NEWS BARRETT’S SEASON 1 PRO): Vince said, “Listen, I’m doing this show, I got a bunch of guys down in Tampa that I want to put on TV. Some of them are ready, some of them are not, so we’re going to do a competition reality show where we have the Rookies with the Pros and I want you to be one of the Pros.” I said, “No freaking way. There’s no way that I want to be one of the Pros.” We were working four days a week as it was and that’s an extra day, five days on the road a week, which at the time was not something that happened. I was also a big bad guy at the time, I was like, “Why would I care about anyone else enough to be on this show? Why would I care about a Rookie?” Vince basically said, “Whatever, you’re doing it.” So I went into it reluctantly because it was an extra day of work I did not want. At first I wasn’t the happiest guy about it [laughs].

AJ LEE (SEASON 3 ROOKIE): It was this giant opportunity for us. We were down in [Florida Championship Wrestling] for years and waiting for that break. We were kind of iffy about it because you don’t want to have to continue to prove yourself. You want to just make it on the road and you’re there. The idea of fighting and clawing and scratching in Developmental for years and then continuing to have to do that and fight and scratch and compete was not the easiest thing in the world.

KAITLYN (SEASON 3 WINNER): The show started out as almost a test that all the Rookies had to go through to prove they were worthy of being on Raw or SmackDown. It was terrifying. I had an ulcer in my stomach every week before the show because they were putting us on the spot. We had no preparation and it was very scary.

You can check out the article here.

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