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Should AJ Lee Be Cheered Or Booed?, Vampiro Speaks Out (Video), The Usos Hype Raw

– The official WWE website has published an article highlighting AJ Lee’s unorthodox character and are polling fans in regards to whether she should be cheered or booed.

Explaining why Lee deserves fan applause, WWE cites the New Jersey rising from obscurity to fulfill her lifelong dream of being champion for the sports-entertainment organization. The counterpoint on why Lee should be booed is because “she is a devil woman.” Events of Lee wreaking havoc on Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Kaitlyn and other WWE cited are cited.

With over 5,000 votes cast, 66% say Lee should be cheered since “she’s an example of perseverance, hard work, individuality and empowerment for the underdog.”

– Speaking to Bill Apter, former WWE competitor Vampiro opens up on a side of him not many people know exist.

– Hyping tonight’s Raw Jey and Jimmy Uso wrote on Twitter, “We will get what belongs to the Tru tag team!! #RAW.”

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  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Here comes the face turn.

  • P1

    Dang, Vampiro didn’t age very well :/ the guy looks terrible. Still loved him in AAA and WCW in the 90’s.

  • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

    I think AJ Lee should turn back face again her heel character is getting old.

    • gta4801 .

      Personally I’m not sick of it but I think it kinda holds her back in ring I mean I know she can do more than what she does now.

  • Tyler

    I’ll cheer or boo whoever the want if it keeps the title off either of the Bellas

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