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Sin Cara Comments on Injury, Los Matadores Vignette

– Below is the first vignette for Los Matadores.

– Sin Cara commented on his dislocated fingers, writing on Twitter, “Pues gracias a dios q solo se dislocaron los dedos y ya nos volveremos aver arriba del ring ALBERTO DEL RÍO”

This message translates to: “Well thank god for only dislocated fingers and as we ring back above over ALBERTO DEL RIO”

Here also posted a photo of his taped up fingers, which you can see below:

Sin Cara s Fingers

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  • M. N.

    “Well thank god that the fingers only got dislocated and we will see each other again on top of the ring Alberto Del Río.”

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Will the Los Matadores ride to the ring on Bulls?

  • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

    They’re just doing this to get the fans to chant “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole. ” at this team instead of El Generico on NXT since the fans there always chant “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole.” at him on NXT in which the announcer acknowledges it that that’s the chants for Sami Zayn. And by the way, they remove Kassius Ohno from the WWE NXT intro and replaced his spot with @MmMGorgeous. (Tyler Breeze) So i’m guessing he’ll be debuting soon on the roster. Likely against C.M Punk since Lesnar is gone and Curtis Axel is just a back up for Paul. And in the latest episode of NXT the one which Kassius Ohno isn’t on the intro anymore said that he’s scouting talent for a new “Paul Heyman Guy” 😉 I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll be in the dog house just for not working out. I don’t really think that’s his punishment by getting removed from the intro i hope not.

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