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Sink or Swim for Ryback, Huge Six-Man at NXT Last Night, Otunga’s Lifeclas Episode

– Here’s the latest tweet from Ryback to hype Hell In a Cell:

“Shark swimming with dolphins. Sink or Swim. #FeedMePunk”

– The episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass on the Oprah Network featuring WWE Superstar David Otunga will air on November 4th.

– The main event of last night’s WWE NXT live event in West Palm Beach, Florida saw Alberto Del Rio, his brother Memo Montenegro and Ricardo Rodriguez defeat Kassius Ohno, Corey Graves and Leo Kruger. One fan in attendance called it one of the most exciting NXT live event matches he’s seen.

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  • zip

    It’s not sink or swin for Ryback, but for the dolphins. Ryback is the shark.

  • LancePower

    Ryback could not lift Paul Heyman, Ryback will sink. #FeedMeLess

  • Kayfabe fan


  • Jeff


  • Christian

    guess what ryback u r gonna sink #flashinthepan

  • Erwin

    Ryback comparing himself to dolphins, how cute.. he’s more like a trout though..

  • stone cold

    no ryback.sharks dont fuck with dolpins

  • Brandon

    You know what. Fuck you guys. The people on this site are going down hill quick. He’s a guy who is being given a chance to actually succeed in WWE something no one has truly done since John Cena and your knocking it. FUCK YOU. I hope he works his ass off and swims.

  • Erwin

    ^he deserves to be knocked for his incompetence and arrogance. Fuck Ryback, the last monster that WWE created successfully was Umaga. The other ones after Umaga look so tame, boring, and unoriginal!

  • Brandon

    why because everyone is being so negative about wwe finally giving someone a legit chance to become a main eventer. I’m not being arrogant I’m just sick of the bitching on this site, I’ve been coming here for as long as I can remember and its getting out of hand. I don’t care about how many monsters wwe has created I’m just happy someone is getting a chance to shine.

  • Rybork Laserback

    i bet even John Cena couldn’t lift Paul Heyman in the position that Ryback has too. A Fireman carry from the side is easy, but Ryback has to go underneath and lift someone up from there, which is really hard specially when its a non-professional like Paul Heyman. Just Saying.

  • Christian

    Well brandon it is not the case of wwe giving a chance to someone
    but wwe is giving wrong guy the chance he has not really moved up in our minds to get a world title shot
    there are countless others that can be given a chance especially christian who could have given hiac match with punk for ages

  • Jeff woods

    If WWE was serious about pushing Ryback AND pushing CM Punk’s title reign, they would not have put them together til after Royal RUmble at least… AND continue having Ryback winning nonstop & big (See Goldberg’s US title victory over Raven on how to push a monster)

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