Six Man Tag After Raw Tapings, Orton Comments on Heel Turn, WM29 Weekend Event

- After Raw went off the air Monday night, The Shield came out through the crowd and attacked John Cena. Sheamus and Ryback came out to even the odds, which setup the dark match main event.

John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus defeated The Shield by disqualification after Rollins used a chair on Sheamus. Following the match, Ryback and John Cena hit their finishers on Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to end the event.

- New York City DJ Peter Roseberg is hosting another WrestleMania weekend event – an “Inside The Squared Circle” discussion with former WWE Superstar MVP. The event will take place at Caroline’s On Broadway in Manhattan following the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony at Madison Square Garden.

- Randy Orton continues to express his desire to be a heel. When a fan on Twitter asked if they were the only one that missed him as a heel, he replied, “No, your not.”

  • Penny Kurzer

    ok i would like this question answered if someone can answer it. first off this world has so many problems its not funny and not a lot to look forward to, so tell me when in the world, you’d rather have heels, that good guys? what is the attraction? and when you know people especially kids are looking for someone good because its so bad, or may just i am, why go heels, why like them best?????

    • Tim van Wijngaarden

      It’s not so much that everyone would be better as a heel, a lot of the wrestlers people want to turn heel, like Cena and Orton, are because their face personas are incredibly bland and stale, and turning them heel would allow for an enormous amount of new feuds, matches and all together a fresher and more fun program.

    • Bork Lazer Aka Jackson DeMarco

      well because heels are usually more entertaining. Plus Nowadays everyone is bad, and corrupt in some capacity so its easier to relate to heels. also, i dont care what the kids want they dont need to be watching the show until theyre at least 12. Heels are just better at promoing and its more fun to watch them,

    • Chris McManus Jr.

      I was a Roddy Piper fan as a kid. Piper is the one who made Hulk Hogan who he is. If he wasn’t so good at being bad no one would have cared. That’s the problem with Cena right now, there is no big bad guy to put him over. Therefore, no once cares about Cena. I like Cena a lot but without having an epic bad guy for him to face it’s gotten boring.

      • YM5

        Orton and JBL did good jobs putting Cena over, thats not the problem, the problem is his schtick is 10 years old

    • Jerichoholic3

      I can’t speak for everyone but most of the time, it takes more talent to be a heel(not always, but most of the time.) another reason is because most of the top faces in the company right now were pushed to fast or constantly shoved down our throats(cena, ryback, sheamus, orton) and also at this point and time in the wwe the faces are just so boring to watch, i mean i would rather watch antonio cesaro attack miz and throw him into the barricade like 10 times extremely aggressively rather than hearing cena talk about how he never gives up and always playing by the rules. and the faces are so predictable (cena sucks chant starts) *cena stops talking and points microphone to the crowd* every week

  • Hawkins

    Orton heel turn at Mania….maybe…i hope….

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