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Skyler Moon Update, Booker Speaking to Youth & Inmates, Del Rio & RR Tease Surprise

- World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez have been playing up their SmackDown suspension on Twitter. They’re teasing that they will have a surprise for Big Show on Friday despite being suspended from the show.

– Booker T will be speaking to young adults at the Quad County Urban League in Aurora, Illinois and students at Paul Robeson High School in Chicago this weekend, as well as inmates at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center in Chicago. Booker is promoting his book “From Prison to Promise” and talking to the people about directing their focus away from negative influences.

– Former WWE NXT Diva Skyler Moon (Buggy Nova) says she will be getting back into wrestling soon. She tweeted:

“Not doing anything wrestling related right now……………until MARCH!!!! Hope ur in Tampa to see what I’m up to”

  • IamLisa

    Of course you have a surprise for us, Mr ADR and Ricardo.
    Having read the spoilers, it’s nothing worthy of the label “surprise.”
    You two morons suck.

    • Chelsii

      Alberto Del Rio is 10x better than Cena.

    • Naleen Phimmasone

      If you want to be surprised why would you read spoilers in the first place. Thats very hypocritical.

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