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Smackdown Live: Results (09/20/2016) The Miz vs. Dolph Zigger For IC Title, John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose

Wrestlenewz brings you play-by-play coverage and results for tonight’s Smackdown Live broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:30 pm EST and the main show starts at 8 pm EST. The Miz will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Tune in for updates throughout the evening. Tweet and follow @wrestlenewz on Twitter.

Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Daniel Bryan introduces Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss for a contract signing. With both women in the ring, they begin building up the Smackdown Women’s Championship match that will take place at No Mercy. Bliss tells Lynch she was not born to be a champion. Lynch responds saying that Bliss is right. She wasn’t born to be a champion. She was born into meager and humble means. But she watched way too much TV and she listened when they told her she could be anything she set her mind to. She holds up the belt and says that this is what she wants. Bliss will not take it from her.

Things gets heated and they tussle a little bit with Lynch coming out on top and she poses with the belt for the crowd.

Backstage The Miz confronts Daniel Bryan. Miz has a problem with his IC Title defense tonight. Bryan says that’s okay, they can just cancel the match… And also cancel his contract that was just renegotiated. Bryan tells Miz he should have read the fine print then says, as Miz put it so eloquently, to go out and do what Bryan can’t do anymore.

Tag Team Match: The Usos vs. American Alpha

Both teams enter and the bell sounds. The freshly medically cleared Chad Gable immediately takes control of Jimmy Uso and goes to work on the leg. Jason Jordan gets tagged in and continues punishing Jimmy Uso’s leg. Then both members of American Alpha are in the ring and they lay both Usos out.

The Usos turn it around and get Gable’s injured leg trapped in the rope. Jimmy hits a focused attack on that leg and Gable falls to the floor yelping in pain. Commercial break.

Back again and Jimmy Uso is wrenching on the leg of Gable. Jimmy pushes Gable into the corner and charges after him. Gable back drops Jimmy up and out of the ring. He crawls desperately and manages to tag in Jordan who comes in hot. He starts single handedly executing an attack on both Usos. He sets up for a belly to belly suplex off the second rope on Jay Uso. Jay manages to fight him off. Jordan falls to the mat and eats a superkick from Jimmy. Then Jay hits a frog splash. Ref hits the count and Gable just barely breaks up the pin in time.

Jordan hits a belly to belly overhead suplex on Jimmy. Then Jimmy hoists Jordan up on his shoulder and Jordan transitions into a roll up for a two count. Gable tries to get in the ring but Jay dives and takes out his leg, clearing him out of the ring. The Usos each hit a superkick on Jordan at the same time. Then Jimmy comes off the top with a frog splash and gets the 3 count.

Winners: The Usos

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