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SmackDown Rating For This Week Is In

The final SmackDown before Hell in a Cell did better than the previous week in ratings, which is always good news for the WWE. Thursday’s episode earned 2.204 million viewers compared to 2.090 from last week.

The opening match saw Seth Rollins defeat Cesaro in a non-title match. Cesaro’s lack of a push continues.

There was a MizTV segment where Tyler Breeze debuted and attacked Dolph Ziggler. To close the show, Bray Wyatt left Roman Reigns a message after he teamed with Dean Ambrose to defeat New Day.

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  • jcice13

    Cesaro is in the nasty position where he is so damn good they don’t really job him but he loses to the guys above him all the time..maybe, just maybe, his real push is coming but the way they’ve used him? it looks bleak..with all his talent and all his innovative moves and strength and how over he is with the fans one would think the office would listen and give him the title but damn it doesn’t seem likely..why is that? other than the fact he’s not really good on the stick there’s not many in his league in the ring…and personally I am hating it more and more as I am sure most other s are

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