Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Talks Wrestling

Billy Corgan

Rock Cellar Magazine just published a long interview with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan about the wrestling promotion he runs, Resistance Pro Wrestling

Corgan discusses his lifelong love of wrestling — particularly the territorial days and the American Wrestling Association — and what he hopes to give wrestling fans with Resistance Pro. 
“I think where Resistance Pro can be really attractive to a lot of people is we’re looking for those Jerry Blackwells and those Adrian Adonis-type people who wouldn’t necessarily have a place in, let’s call it the “modern” version of what a wrestler’s supposed to look like or act like or talk like,” Corgan says in the article. 
“We want people who will have an imprint and a distinct talent. We don’t want cookie-cutter jacked up guys and we don’t want your typical divas. We want people who are individuals.”
Writer Marshall Ward, who conducted the interview, told WrestleNewz that Corgan came across as a “smart, imaginative and eager promoter” with a vast knowledge of wrestling. 
“From Thesz to Rogers, from the Briscos to the Funks, to Stone Cold Steve Austin to CM Punk, Corgan’s insight into the psychology of wrestling and respect for the business shine in this interview,” Ward said. 

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