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Snitsky Interested In Forming Tag Team With WWE Star, Rips Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater

Gene Snitsky, who has not appeared for WWE since being released from his contract in December 2008, continues to campaign online for his job back with the sports-entertainment organization.

The 42-year-old wrestler was backstage at Saturday’s Raw live event in Reading, Pennsylvania, where he tweeted a photo of himself with Tensai and stated, “Possible new tag team in #wwe? What ya think?” He added to a fan who wants to see the behemoths team up, “Would love to make it happen!!!! Let #wwe know how u feel.”

Unlike Tensai, Snitsky is not fond of two of his WWE colleagues. He pondered Friday to his Twitter followers, “How does drew McIntyre still have a job? Just wondering….”

A fan then wrote to Snitsky wondering why McIntyre’s 3MB partner, Heath Slater, is also employed by WWE, and the former Superstar responded, “ya him too…. Fukn horrible.”

Snitsky continued railing the Scottish grappler by ridiculing for him for his various persona changes over the years: “heez been repackaged so many times I lost count! Ask @CharlieHaas about him!!!” He added that Haas’ view on McIntyre rhymes with “bits.”

Snitsky then reminisced about the fellow former WWE Superstar purposely clocking McIntyre during a match. He wrote to a follower, “You should hear @CharlieHaas story about the time he punched him in the face during their match! Lmfao.”

Snitsky did not see McIntyre at the show to ask himself why he still has a job, but noted that the WWE Superstar already knows how he feels about him.

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  • Fuck Off

    I just want to know why the 3 Man Band is together. Is WWE ever going to explain it because I find it hard to believe that they’d team up just to adopt Heath Slater’s gimmick.

  • LancePower

    These ex WWE stars always bash other wrestlers when they are released from WWE. lol hash tag bitter!

  • The Original Jeff W.

    Well, my assumption as to why they’re together is that they feel underused and are trying to force their way onto tv. Honestly, I feel like they’ve already said that, but I don’t know. I mean the kayfabe reason by the way.

    Snitsky seems kind of stupid to me. Why are they there? They can both wrestle. They might have annoying personas, but that’s a good thing. Wrestling needs jobbers. Jobbers need to be able to wrestle. Heath and Drew can wrestle. His opinion on McIntyre is pretty stupid though. I think McIntyre is too good to just be a jobber. Snitsky is not.

  • Mareen

    Drew doesn’t have many fans IN the business. I also remember reading reports about how the locker room sided with Tiffany during their drama.

  • Richie

    Snitsky is apparently bitter that the WWE is prolly not interested in bringing him back…and i wouldn’t want him back either!

    WHY do Drew and Heath have jobs…because THEY CAN BOTH WRESTLE, and they have some talent! Slater’s work with the legends a couple months back was brilliant! And Drew on any given day can have a better match than most on the roster when he is given the chance!

  • Kayfabe fan

    Imagine snitsky and albert as billy and chuck … With more feet fetish

  • harshbaid

    slaters gonna slate

  • GN-0015

    With that kind of tweet don’t ever hope to get back in the WWE, stupid Snitsky.

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