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Special Referee at Hell In a Cell?, Cena Recovering Slowly, Why Beth Is Going to NYCCC

– We noted before that WWE Diva Beth Phoenix was attending this weekend’s New York City Comic-Con but is not advertised. She’s attending as a fan with her boyfriend Edge, who will apparently be appearing but is not on the NYCCC website. Here’s the wrestler line-up for this weekend:

* Dolph Ziggler on Saturday
* Booker T on Saturday
* Vader on Thursday and Saturday
* Angelina Love on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Velvet Sky on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* The Bella Twins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Brutus Beefcake on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Greg “The Hammer” Valentine on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Tito Santana on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Robbie E on Friday
* Kevin Nash and Kelly Kelly will also be appearing

– The latest word on John Cena’s injury is that he’s recovering slowly from the elbow surgery. It remains to be seen if Cena will be ready for Hell In a Cell and may end up being a “down to the wire” decision. It was expected that WWE would have a solid answer on Monday’s RAW but that’s not confirmed.

– One idea that was discussed at RAW this past week was to have Cena be the special referee for CM Punk vs. Ryback at Hell In a Cell, if they have to go with Ryback as the challenger.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • RKO

    Really? Really? Cena the Referee??? REALLY? OH GOD!!! Punk is going to get screwed! If Punk loses WE RiOT!

  • Manny

    Imagine if Cena reinjures his arm doing a 3 count?

  • GN-0015

    Cena as a special ref…

    1. As a heel, Punk will do some usual cheap heel tactics.
    2. Ryback will win cleanly because he is a face.

    Great job WWE, now you can make the man who has held the WWE title for almost a year look like a complete loser. Expect


    No offense to Cena, but I’ll laugh, even if he injures the other arm, why? because 1) He’ll finally get the rest he’s deserved for the last 4 years 2) they can put atleast a drop of faith into the new crop to carry the load whilst he’s gone 3) He can still promote, do make a wish, appearances and shit and 4) he can change something for when he comes back, abit more fire under him won’t hurt, refreshed and healthy to help earn more revenue for the company.


    Negative, those stadiums will be corded off like a crime scene, the amount of empty seats will be so effective of the show, no one will be able to make heel dashes, Del Rio might have to drive of the ramp and ticket sales will reduce, which doesn’t help BUT YET AGAIN neither does a exhausted main eventer.

  • zip

    So first you report that Cena is recovering unusual fast and now you report that he is recovering slowly? Get your facts straight stupid WNZ!

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    Calling it now: Nash is banging Kelly Kelly

  • stone cold

    why is cena at hiac so damn important.is like vince only caes about cena and not other stars.im a cena fan but let the guy rest

  • Z…..

    not gonna lie, goldberg winning the world title too early really hurt WCW when WWF was coming strong in the Attitude Era.

    Personally, if I still watched WWE, I’d be done with them if Ryback wins the title over Punk. Just saying…

    Also, I saw the Vince-Punmk fight at the end of Raw last week and it was amazing. That might have been one of the best things to happen in wwe in a really long time. much respect to vince on that one

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