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Speculation On Jonathan Coachman’s Announcement Involving WWE

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As noted, Seth Rollins and current ESPN analyst Jonathan Coachman will be appearing on ESPN’s SportsCenter tonight at 9 pm EST. Coachman has been teasing a big announcement involving ESPN and WWE on Twitter. That announcement will be revealed later today.

There is speculation that the announcement will be that ESPN will be doing a new weekly SportsCenter segment recapping the past week in WWE.

WWE currently as show on the WWE Network (This Week In WWE) that is similar to what ESPN would be doing.

Take this as pure speculation for now.

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  • Michael King

    I’d love to see the Coach come back to WWE

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i’d take him over Saxton


        I would rather have a box of sand than saxton

    • The It Begins kid

      Even if it’s a 1 time thing they should bring him as Guest Host for RAW just like old times.

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