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Speculation on CM Punk Turning Babyface, HHH Storyline Update, More

– We noted before that the plan for the Triple H concussion storyline was for Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, and possibly their children, to eventually appear on RAW and talk Triple H out of wrestling again. Another source says several different ideas are being discussed and nothing is certain yet.

– There is said to be no laid out program for Brock Lesnar now that the feud with Triple H is over. Some people in the know within WWE are strongly speculating that WWE goes with a babyface CM Punk vs. Lesnar much sooner than later, with the idea of Heyman turning on Punk.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • jcice13

    well that’s the way it should go so I guess that means it ain’t gonna happen right? after all this is the WWE

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Well, I dunno. Everybody said that about the Shield clean-sweeping their matches last Sunday – it made too much sense for WWE to do it. And now they all have belts.

      • jcice13

        those belts they gave the shield are de facto titles lots of the newer guys when they come in get them(I’m not saying anything negative towards the shield here) and wasn’t it inevitable they put straps on them as part of their push and to break up team heel no? now if they put the world title on ambrose it would have been impressive…back to punk, we agree it would be the thing to do, but wouldn’t turning cena be even better and when will that ever happen?

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          The Tag Titles are de facto belts? Doubt it. Although there’s no denying that putting those titles on The Shield does more for the titles than it does for the Shield. And, no, I don’t think it was inevitable. I don’t think The Shield needs those belts to be taken seriously. But the fact that The Shield now has the belts, and will continue to remain very visible (which can’t be said much about the U.S. Title at all in the last several years) will elevate the belts themselves, so they won’t be so much seen as what you just described them.

          And the prospect of turning Cena heel is because WWE’s stuck. Are the people that don’t like Cena now suddenly going to start buying his merchandise because he’s heel? Meanwhile, the primary buyers of Cena merch will stop buying it because he’s heel. It’s all about the almighty dollar. If and when WWE happens upon a face that can sustain the merch sales Cena has, it’s at that point we’d probably see it. But to turn Cena heel now would essentially mean WWE was cutting the udders off its cash cow for the sake of a vocal minority.

          • jcice13

            obviously our definition of de facto is different I used webster. so you doubt that the belts aren’t legally recognized or that they are not actual? I am in no way disagreeing with you on the shield but it was inevitable they’d at least get the tag belts especially the way bradshaw talks them up about being a well oiled team. I do disagree with you about the last few years and the US belt because lots of big names held it BUT it surely doesn’t carry the weight it used to in the NWA. as for cena I said long ago they can’t turn him because of his cash cow status and the millions it would cost vince but we are definitely in the same ball park on many things

  • no punk is boring as a face, he always sounds awkward

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      So I’m guessing you didn’t watch:

      1.) The first three months of his face turn in 2011.
      2.) His entire feud against Chris Jericho.

      Is Punk probably better as a heel? Yes. But can he be a more than capable face? YES.

      • Rako

        1. First three months he was tweener(big difference) who was getting over at the expense of Cena and HHH. Once they left him, he became boring and uninteresting.

        2. His entire feud with jericho sucked, including the matches. Drunk father, druggie sister *faceplam*

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          The matches. with Jericho. sucked? Oh, for f*ck’s sake, I give up.

          • Rob

            Jericho / Punk was the only reason I paid for WM28.

        • Actually he was over as hell during his fued with Cena and McMahon. It wasn’t until Triple “I can’t stand younger guys getting over without me involved” H got involved and derailed Punk’s momentum by beating him.

          • YM5

            I actually think the way he lost that match put him over more than winning it ever could, it took him getting pedigree’d 3 times and jacknifed for him to stay down, made him look triple tough

          • Rako

            What? HHH kept punk hot by allowing him to shoot on himself, his wife, his alleged abuse of backstage political clout and such everyweek on the mic. It was done because punk needed momentum after losing the title to del rio. The only reason HHH beat him at N.O.C was coz HHH/Taker 2 was already set for WM 28 and HHH needed to win in order to challenge the streak for the second time after tapping out the first time. He had to win but not without protecting punk in the match like YM5 noted in his reply. Get a clue. HHH helped punk by giving him the authority figure to rebel against. If HHH wanted to hurt punk, the first thing to do was to stay away from him, not give him a main event opponent much less an authority to rebel against and shoot on everyweek on the mic. HHH could have easily squashed punk even without appearing onscreen at all if it was the intention.

  • I prefer a heel punk, the heel character just suits him so well, but a babyface will be just as good.

    • Rako

      Punk is corny as hell as a babyface. We all saw that during his feud with laurinaitis, Terrible attempts at comedy and uninspiring promos.

  • fj2305

    C’mon WWE!!! We have no damn idea who’s gonna be the next in line to face Brock Lesnar, well, let’s turn Punk face and let him part ways with Heyman? What? Very very creative… After Punk beat Lesnar he will again turns heel and so on and on and on… I simply don’t like this idea

  • Y2J

    I think that Punk should turn on Heyman for “replacing” him.

  • Rg41982

    Brock needs to help out a young star. I can’t think of one. Maybe a underdog who they can push after a win on Brock. Punk is great face or heel.

    • Rako

      “Brock needs to help out a young star.” no he doesn’t. The only thing Brock needs to do is draw money and he can only do that with top stars. That’s why he is paid 5m.

      • Rg41982

        I get that we all know Brock is money from here to UFC. But don’t you want to see new stars come up and at least have some credibility? I’m 30. I want to see the young cats who paid there dues get a time to shine. It happened back in the day. When Brock beat rock you know he was made. When shemus won he was made. I just think its time and Brock can help do that.

        • Rako

          I do but brock is not the person to do it. He’s paid way too much. plus It wouldn’t work well anyway, Brock is a part time heel. You’d have much better results with a full timer which is why cena needs to turn.

          Brock was made in the undertaker matches btw. Rock dropped the title which he won only a month before, it didn’t do much for brock. It wasn’t clean win either.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Needs to. Should. Won’t.

    • jcice13

      I find it hard to believe that brock gets beat down by HHH how will I buy him taking a beating by some young star?? let ryberg do crap like that

  • Jbreed

    All Right! It’s exactly what us fans need, another generation of McMahons on Monday nights.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      They’re like school-age little girls. Come on now. >.>

      • Jbreed

        You do all realize I meant it sarcastically, right?

  • Rako

    “Another source says several different ideas are being discussed and nothing is certain yet.” – meaning we don’t anything about the angle, last week’s report was all bs.

    Punk vs Lesnar? Bad bad idea, way to kill lesnar’s credibility this soon. Punk would look like an high school kid challenging lesnar. Stupid.

  • Coolkdd116

    I would assume one of the ideas was to turn him heel. I watch old attitude era vids from my childhood and seeing hhh hit austin with sledgehammer and reveal he organize his attack form SS 99. He could turn heel on his family and feud with the rock if he returns.

  • Rob

    I would love to see how they pull a Lesnar vs Punk match off. I see Punk having to use alot more ring psychology and possibly using some of the legit MMA training he knows.

    • I don’t really see Punk doing much at all, i can see him trying to out wit Brock Lesnar in every way possible; Both of them are experience in MMA and before Punk started doing Gracie Brazilian Jui-Jitsu he was experience in Muay Thai so i can see him trying to use his quickness from his golden days instead of trying to play grappling with Lesnar; It only make sense since Brock is such a heavy hitter and Punk can out wit him and use his speed and kick’s over Brock’s punching and grappling style;

      So i really think if this match were to really happen i can see them trying to see who’s better with the chain finishers ie GTS and F5 attempts and it being a rough MMA style of wrestling match but without the MMA rules; We’ll probably see lots of strikes from the both of them but i don’t really see that much grappling involve, in terms of MMA style grappling of course; But in terms of the wrestling style grappling moves yes, i can see Punk going back to his old routes and start using some of the more technical aspect of wrestling with him doing some moves he hasn’t done in a long time to try to 1up Lesnar in every way possible.

      By doing better german suplexes, tiger suplexes and much more better belly to belly suplexes, i can only hope for them to actually mat wrestle since i’m pretty sure Punk would out wrestle Lesnar if they were to be grounded on the mat unless Lesnar use his striking abilities when their grounded then no. But if they were to actually chain wrestle then yeah i can pretty much see Punk winning that one with several submission holds that he uses like The Anaconda Vice, and i can see him reversing Brock’s punches into The Koji Clutch, Triangle choke and the kubi-hishigi. So i really think if this match were to ever happen it can go both ways chain wrestling and the more MMA type of striking mixed in with wrestling.

      That’s probably why Punk is training in Gracie Brazilian Jui-Jitsu to prepare his defense for a match with Lesnar or something, i know he had minor experience in it before but now he’s really getting into it so i can see this match happening. Either way, i’ll enjoy the match. Here’s hoping we’ll see Punk use The Devil Lock or The .45 to make Lesnar tap out.

  • I’d love this, I’m in a minority, but I’ve always prefered face Punk. From his ECW days to his recent title run, face Punk is my favorite Punk. I think these two could put on a good match together.

  • Rotnerd

    Punk was damn good as a face. Anything to bump down SUPERCENA

  • Toni

    Love face Punk! He can still be Punk, only without the asshole-ness. He was hard to hate as a heel because he’s so relatable, however that’s not to say he was a shitty heel. Just better as a face IMO

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